Time for Tidbits

  • Tonight is Morella’s 3rd night in the crib. So far so good. She goes down well into the crib at 8:00, rolls onto her back and thrashes her legs up and down for about 10 minutes before passing out. Really she goes to sleep easier in there than in the cosleeper. Naps however are still occurring in the cosleeper…I’ll work on those in the next few weeks. We really miss having her in the bedroom. The last two nights I have gotten really crappy sleep.
  • She has been sort of crabby the last two days. Naps are erratic. She’s eating a lot but also has been struggling reflux.
  • Morella got a little piece of paper in her mouth and I caught it a second too late — she started to gag as she swallowed it and I hurriedly gave her a sippy cup with some plain water in it to help it go down. She did manage a sip or two and then choked…you know the choking that you do when spit or water goes down the wrong pipe? Well that is exactly what aspiration is. The reaction was immediate and it confirms my suspicion that she is choking more these days — as in she is now feeling it. So. She has probably quit the silent part of the aspirating…but is she still aspirating if she chokes? I mean the choke reflex stops it right away…Sigh. Tim thinks she is has swallowing issues and will probably need to see a speech pathologist after her next test to help her rehabilitate. :( I hope he is wrong.
  • Solids suck.
  • Monday is New Couch Day! Tim took down the L desk in the office, and we are going to move the futon in there over the weekend. That means we will have a functional guest bedroom again! Then Sunday night we’ll move the old couch out to the curb. I will be couchless on Monday until the new one arrives. Thank goodness I have a glider in the mean time.
  • Thank goodness the Grandparent’s convinced me to keep this old flannel shirt I was about to toss out. I mean, it has been ripped up from a foster dog two years ago and I just held onto it trying to think of a good use for it. It sat in the living room for two months before I was going to trash it. They suggested just keeping it — and wouldn’t you know I found a use for it! Cloth wipes. Flannel is the cloth of choice for those serious cloth diaper people. I just cut it up into squares, filled a spray bottle with some water and teeny bit of baby wash and you just spray a square with it and wipe the baby. It works so well! Even better than the wipes. Then you just toss the cloth wipe into the diaper pail and done.
  • Pluto was attacked by a medium sized black dog on our walk this evening. The dog managed a soft bite to his leg but Tim stepped in the way while the owner came running over and apologized — so no one was hurt. Still, I don’t think I’ll be walking on that street anymore which is a pity because I met a Mom who lives over the other day. :(
  • Tomorrow I am going to attend a MOM’s club…I hope I can find my way there and that the people are nice and it isn’t weird.
  • I finally went through and ordered a bunch of pictures via Kodak. I have like 700 pictures coming my way from the last two years. Uh, there are about 300 of Morella — and I was being picky! It’s just so hard to pick because she’s adorable in every single one of them. I’m looking forward to getting them and really working on her baby book.

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