Today I met up with an old college friend who is now a high powered fancy pants lawyer who works up on the square. We had lunch at Muramoto, which is a very dimly lite modern Japanese restaurant. If I had to rate this place on a scale of kid friendly I’d give it 2 out of 10. Our waitress was an old roommate’s girlfriend and I inquired as to health of her daughter and then (here was my snafu) I asked what she thought of her sister. You see the father of her daughter had a new baby girl this past January with his wife. She then blunted asked “Who are you?” I realized my hair cut probably threw her off, it’s been awhile — and to be quite honest I don’t even remember her name! Anyway….I reminded her of who I was and quickly changed the subject. Whoops! Apparently she didn’t know that he had a baby…anyway.

My point of the story is, after I had an excellent lunch with great company, toured her law office, got back to Tim’s work to pick up the car, drove home, fed the baby — I didn’t get to pump until 2:15! Yikes. Then apparently Morella though that 10 minute nap she took on the way home was enough (she got up at 9.30 this morning) and I have fought with her all afternoon to take a nap. Lord knows she needs one. Her Aunt and Uncle are going to stay with her this evening while Tim and I go out to help Hilary celebrate her birthday. Oh crap she is awake! That was only 35 minutes!!!! Oh no. :(

What a handful my little girl is today.

Friday Photos: 2nd Week of May

Sunday Dog park trip with our friend Sigrid and Matt. Here we have Matt showcasing Morella in her jogging stroller that she is finally big enough. This jogging stroller included a few bonus items: a pair of cloth booties, a denim visor hat and a red/white/blue bandanna. Thanks Kathy! This stroller was a dream to drive.

Morella and her Grandpa (She was on the verge of tired break down — you can just see how hard it was to keep her eyes open).

Tim and Morella chowing down! Tim had some of the “Thank you for 17 years of Service” cake and Morella feasted on some tiny fists.

I got Tim this piece of cake.
He loves the frosting so I made sure to get him a piece with the most.

Waiting in a parking lot.

The Happy Couple: Heather and Nick — Congrats again!

Sarah, the Bride and me take a moment to post for a photo. Note that I am wearing my patented Wedding Dress. So far no one has gotten a divorce from me wearing this dress to their wedding. I can’t vouch for weddings previously attended without said dress.

Beautiful, cheesecake centered wedding cake.

Morella plays with her Prince Charming.

PS: Bekah — you’re parents are worried about you! Leave a message next time you call more than two relatives at a time. Otherwise they think something happened to you. And say Hi to Greg for us. :D

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