Rain Rain ….. we have had so much rain and there is more to come to this week. Tim has done his best by keeping the gutters clean but the ground just can’t take this much water. It’s pooled all over the back yard, and it has started to seep in the basement. He said he is going to buy a wet dry vac tomorrow…who knows if there will be one to buy since everyone is experiencing the same problem. There is flooding everywhere and everyone is advised to stay home.

That said. There was a break in the rain around noon and we headed out to Dogfest to meet up with Sigrid and Matt in lieu of a dog park outing. We arrived with a bunch of other people and eager canines, unloaded baby and dog and ended up just walking a stretch of pavement around empty tents with other folks. There was nothing. We all congregated at the end of the walk to comment on the meaning of “rain or shine” with other folks and doggies and then headed back to the car. As a consolation prize we headed over to Michaels and got some frozen custard for ourselves and the dogs.

Other than the massive amounts of rain and thunderstorms, it’s been a pretty good weekend. We moved the futon into the office in preparation for the couch delivery tomorrow and I finally got rid of the old cat scratching thing. I think we will get another one but more of a pole…not as big and cumbersome. I’m glad that we didn’t move the couch out to the curb tonight and will do that tomorrow morning. However, I will admit to being a little worried that because of all the flooding and rain — we won’t have a couch tomorrow. I guess it’s a good thing we still have the glider and one chair.

Morella has been good too — eating and sleeping well. Knock on wood, but I think that Operation Crib is going great. For the last three or four days she has taken all of her naps in the crib as well as going to bed well at 8:00PM. She did stay up later than usual on Friday night because Tim and I went out to Cafe Momarte to celebrate Hilary’s birthday. We had a good, but expensive night. We both boozed it up and then paid to have a Bender Defender drive us home. See, we just found out this neat little idea where someone in a scooter comes to your car, drives you home, then drives his scooter away! It cost $20 without tip which is more expensive than a cab, but we got to have our car home which made a huge difference the next day because we were both really tired from staying up so late.

Maybe she is doing so well at this because she is so independent. Have I mentioned how much I love that little girl? A ton. More than a ton. More than all the unique snowflakes that have ever fallen on this earth times a billion gagillion trillion million…ha ha. Tomorrow it will be twice that infinity.

Well, I’m gonna call it a day and head to bed.

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