Right now I am sitting on our new couch. It arrived on Monday afternoon, which gave us plenty of time to ditch the old couch (we found 43 cents in it), move the futon to the office and for me to really scrub mop the living room floor. There were some stains on the floor from the metal of the bed part of the old sofa rubbing on it that were hard to get rid off. I tried vigorous scrubbing followed by Goo Gone and before finally going back to my stand by — the magic eraser. It rarely lets me down. I think these are my two favorite modern miracles. The floor hasn’t looked this good since we moved in!

So Morella is yappin….no wait she is peeing now….now right next to me. She developed a bit of a rash either a yeast or a soap irritant rash that is raised, red and incredibly itchy. The one thing this rash taught her to do was learn how to take off her diaper. Anyway so I am giving her lots of naked time. Next to me on this mammoth couch, I laid down a thick blanket, followed by a thick towel and several prefolds that I can switch out as soon as she pees. I know, it’s a risky thing to do on a new couch…but it’s so comfortable and easy! The rash is much improved today…thank goodness.

Yesterday I took her to Olbrich Gardens for the first time. We went into the English Garden type courtyard where they have a long reflecting pool with mini waterfall thing and a pretty fountain and benches. We sat on a bench under some shade and just enjoyed the view. Morella wanted to eat the flowers next to us but I assured her it was better too look than eat. Man it’s beautiful there. I wish that Olbrich was my back yard….but then you know it’s close enough that I could say it is in my back yard. I decided today that I am going to go there every week. Yep that is what I am going to do. Morella seemed to enjoy it there too. Now I need to start doing that for the zoo, I haven’t even gone yet!

Today I finally went to an Mom’s club meeting and it was … chaotic. The meeting was at Tenny Park which has a lagoon right next to the shelter. Much of the get together was keeping the small children from hurling themselves into the open body of water so it was sort of hard to talk to folks. I did meet one lady though who was really laid back and nice. I got her email address. Overall, I think I would need to give it one more chance to get a good opinion.

–later…Morella is dressed and in her office —-

She has been sleeping for crap the past couple of nights. She keeps waking up every 1-2 hours and won’t even settle for bed until 10! I don’t know what’s going on. Tim thought maybe she was hungry but I don’t know. One of these three nights I offered a bottle and she didn’t want it. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to keep offering food though. I don’t see any new teeth. She has been really hungry during the day though so maybe she is growing, though wouldn’t they sleep more for that? She was up four times after we went to bed, I’m not even gonna count the times we had to go in there before we went to bed.

Tonight Tim is going to see Iron Man the movie by himself. We are still at that age with Morella where finding babysitters isn’t that easy. Especially since she is having an unpredictable streak at bedtime right now. Tomorrow night I am going to see Sex and the City with Hilary and Stephanie. Friday, Tim and I are thinking of going to the East Side Club’s fish fry for dinner, anyone is welcome to go with us!

Saturday Tim might be going to visit an old coworker of his who is leaving the state for Texas. He is thinking it is going to be an overnighter so that means I’ll be single parenting most of the weekend.

Lastly, I threw around the idea with a few friends but I would like to open it up to anyone who is interested about attending a clothing exchange party at my house somewhere are the 27th or 28th. You bring all the clothes you know arent’ wearing anymore — even the nice ones and take turns going through each others clothing! Free new outfits and stuff gets recycled. Email me if you are interested and want to join in on the fun. I plan on doing fun food and showing off the new couch.

I should stop now it is taking forever for me to write this post.

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