Friday Photos: 2nd Week of June

Believe it or not I can’t find any better before picture of the living room. I KNOW I took some pictures of it a few months ago but I just can’t find it now and I have already spent to much precious content baby in swing time looking for it. So, this will have to do.

Here is one view…it is always so hard to take pictures of the living room to really capture the whole length and depth of it. I love Morella’s surprised look. She’s so nosy!

Another view of the living room from the front entrance. Here you can see Pluto standing like an idiot in the middle of the room because I moved a lamp and made a slightly loud noise. He’s such a scardy dog!

I finally took Morella to Olbrich Gardens and we had a great time. I foresee weekly visits to the gardens in our future. Here you see Morella in front of the Thai Pavilion — the ONLY one in North America. People ask me what makes Madison unique — and I like to tell them about this pavilion.

Sniffing some roses and taking a break in the shade. I later pulled her out of the stoller and we sat there enjoying the day. I love gardens, almost as much as I love sitting by large bodies of water.

For Mohamed.

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