Tonight we headed over to the East Side Business Club for their Friday fish fry. Morella had been up since 2, took a brief half hour nap from 6:30-7:00 and was crabby! I suggested Tim take her outside for a moment to get some fresh air and she stopped crying. After the fish fry, she was fine up until we stepped inside and she started crying again. I guess she hates our house as much as I do right now.

Okay, okay I don’t hate it. Sure all the water in the basement has me bummed out, but at least I am not alone in that situation. It’s just that the only room in the house that is somewhat in order and mostly done being rearranged and stuff is the living room. Everything else looks like someone had been taking refuge in here without cleaning up after themselves. Which is true to an extent. Yesterday and today I was just so tired that whenever Morella would finally take a nap, I would take one too. Sleep when the baby sleeps still applies right?

She has been waking up several times through the night the last week or so crying inconsolably. We tried taking her out to see if she was hungry or needed a diaper change or was just up but in all of those cases she seemed disorientated and super upset. Eventually I would put her back down and after awhile she would fall back asleep. It’s a little tiring on me I think. Which is why as soon as I am done writing this I am going to bed and hoping that she doens’t wake up four times tonight. A good night’s sleep would do me some good.

Anyway at the fish fry, we got a high chair for her and sat her in it with my purse behind her as a little cushion. She was strapped in so I was sure she wouldn’t fall out…mostly. When she started to wobble after about 20 minutes Tim and I would both gasp and reach out to steady her. But she was fine.

I think tonight’s dinner will be etched in my memory forever. Looking at her sitting in that little high chair at the table. She was so tiny, yet she sat up straight, looked around and talked very loudly to us about this, that and the other thing. I was so proud of her. She even got a lady to stop and talk to her and tell her how bright her eyes were (she get’s that a lot!) and what a doll she was. At the grocery store today an old man told me she looked like a doll and that she was beautiful! That was the first that an old man has ever lavished such a compliment on my little darling. She was just so precious, and dinner was delicious!

I noticed today that Morella is longer yet again. She is had outgrown most of her 3-6 month footed jammies — but still fits most of the jumpers and pants just fine. She does fit into a lot of 9 month pant but only because her cloth diaper fills it out.

For the record, I noticed an outfit that night after Tim’s parents babysat a couple weeks ago. It was a Peas on Earth outfit complete with a bib and socks. I told Tim that this outfit was snuck in there because I was familiar with most of her clothes hanging up. He said I was mistaken and that it was always there. Of course he seemed so sure of himself that I started to doubt myself…but it’s has been at the back of my head … that no it wasn’t always there. But I am afraid to say anything about a grandma fairy in case it was a gift from someone and I forgot! What a conundrum!

Okay I should hit the hay. All in all this Friday the 13th was a good day. Then again I have never been superstitious for most white…er american things. Black cats, Friday the 13th, broken mirrors, umbrellas opened in the house and walking under ladders — nope just never really related to it. However, some ho-chunk superstitions are another story. ;)

I can’t believe how fast the summer is going by now! I feel like I waited for it to get warm and be summer forever and now that it’s here is zooming by.

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