We lost one of Morella’s bottles…I know it has some residue in it because one of the nipples is missing too. I guess I should make that a priority today — to try and find it. Other things on my to do list:

–get the kitchen window screen from the the basement and install
–possibly clean the kitchen window first?
–put postage on mail and make sure to mail it
–look for that bottle
–print out letter for Hilary
–work on my Mom’s birthday present (her birthday was yesterday, she’s 59 now!)
–write a few emails

That’s all I have so far…I’m sure there will be more as the day continues. You know right now I have … too many journals around this house. I was thinking of combining the journals into one … you know I have one book for my todo list and recipes that I hand write down, another for Morella’s sleep/eating schedule, my personal journal, Morella’s calendar and Morella’s journal — that one doesn’t have to be combined. But if I combine the rest of these things then on any given day I can look back and see at least what I did that day. Even if I didn’t write it out.

I used to only want to write in small pocket sized journals but that is not the greatest when I wan the journal open — so I need a spiral bound sort of thing. In any case, that is what I am thinking of doing right now.

Father’s Day was good yesterday. Morella presented Tim with a sparkely card that was only sightly soggy on one corner. She ate a bunch, eventually napped good, ate some solids (taters!), went to the dog park and went to sleep relatively easy without waking up a bunch at night. Overall a good day! I made three meals! A full breakfast with pancakes — hey I should have that for the breakfast! Lunch of tuna salad pita pockets and dinner of lasagna and raspberry/strawberry/rhubarb pie — oh man it is ever good. It’s like the best pie I have ever made! I should ask Tim’s parents to bring some rhubarb down next time they visit — they have a huge stash of it in their backyard. Meh, I bet it’s all gone now though. I should buy a rhubarb plant and see if we can grow it on our own again. We tried once before but it died.

I should go and make the morning bottles now and eat something. I’m hungry.

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