Monday Catchup: 4th Week of June (aka, Friday Photos)

Dude, last Friday was busy, as I have already mentioned. This weekend was pretty busy too so I didn’t get a chance to post like I wanted too. Thankfully, today is Monday and things are back to their regularily scheduled program.

On Wednesday or Thursday I ventured downtown to get some more deoderant (because I am allergic to anything else but the hippiest of deoderant concoctions) and some tea tree oil to add to Morella’s baby wipe spray and diapers — and you know because it’s supposed to be like a cure all for everything and I would like to test that theory out. Anyway. I popped in to visit Janet, my old co-worker whom I miss very much. Man, we would cover a lot of ground in those three days a week that I worked – talking. I guess that is one thing I miss post baby — our weekly chats. Look how big Morella is getting! Sheesh! You know Janet was the first person (aside from Tim) that I told when I got that first positive?

Last Friday I was supposed to meet up with my friend Sam at Scott’s for lunch. My idea was to get some sandwiches and eat on the capitol lawn or on bench since the weather was so nice. After I got my food I realized I had just missed her call and she cancelled. So Morella and I ended up sitting on the lawn and eating lunch — she just had her bottle, nothing fancy. I had a maple donut and a tuna fish sandwich.

“Mom, uh …. Mom! Quit taking pictures and help …*muffle muffle muffle*”

Our afterwork beer/fried food buddy Oliver and Morella. Oliver makes the best chocolate chip cookies the world has ever seen…er tasted.

Viva la Kitty!

Emo Baby is bored with life.

Morella made a new friend at the Zoo on Saturday. It was absolutely hilarious how they studied and groped each other. I think Morella’s current boyfriend Cullen has some competition. No, Morella just said “Gah, we are just friends! Can’t you stay out of my business? You don’t know anything!”

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