Friday Photos: 4th Week of June

Morella likes to be propped against the couch so that she can look out the window. She only started really doing this in the last week or so. It’s cute…and I even caught her thinking about taking a step sideways. Mostly she just likes to fall over.

I don’t get it. She LOVES the remote control. I don’t know why considering she never sees us actually use it. Maybe it’s instinctual.

Taken this afternoon at Hilary’s. We went over to play with Cullen’s toys since we had a little time to kill before her afternoon nap. I could have picked up my rings today but it was/is gonna rain and it would have been a longer trip than I would have wanted downtown. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Anyway. I also wanted to get another McDonald’s iced coffee. Why do they have to be so addictive? I justified in 10 different ways.

Lastly, here is a picture of Migo and Morella sharin a toy. Migo is the kitty who actually likes to be “petted” by Morella.

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