This morning Morella and I made it to the Baby Book time at the library. I never would have thought to check for these things if Sarah hadn’t had mentioned it to me a little while ago when I talked about my ongoing quest to go out and meet new Moms, or even old Mom’s for that matter. Anyway. After getting up this morning, pumping, putting Morella down for her morning nap and taking a quick snooze myself, I still had plenty of time to get dressed. I wore a red v-neck t-shirt (the flattering shirt is one that I got from my clothing exchange party on Saturday), put a little mascara on, made sure my hair didn’t stick up, put on my favorite skirt and sandals and felt good about myself. I now understand why Hilary was always “dressed up” whenever she left the house for lunch back before I had Morella. I mean, I am going out in public to see people and be seen! Right? I never thought I would feel overdressed though. ..and I sort of did later on at this little event. Even though I am so totally not.

Okay. So I get there and we all sit in a circle and everyone start singing! Like singing to everything. “Morella is here and she wearing a pink shirt…hi Morella blah blah blah.” It was like going to nerd conference where everyone knew all the obscure facts and information. What does Brown Bear see? I don’t effin’ know! And apparently the parents on the bus don’t say “Shh shh shh” but rather “I love you.” [I would like to note that a few other folks made the same mistake I did]. They ended the 1/2 hour session by blowing bubbles and singing the good bye bubble song to each and every baby. This was the first time Morella has ever seen bubbles and she loved them! I should make some and go outside when the skeeters aren’t so bad. Oh hey, that was another thing. I felt very reassured to look around at the other babies and see that almost everyone had insect bites on their faces, just like Morella.

Ha ha. Aside from my own reluctance to sing (because I sort of sound like a transvestite without the hormones), Morella had a great time! She loved seeing all the babies and listening to the songs, and looking at the people. She even made the baby next to us cry by shouting at him — but really she was just saying hello.

I think I’ll be going again next Monday.

I stopped by Creme afterward to get a medium coffee to help me on my day.

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