Funky Dunk. I have been in one. Today I decided to try and take it easy and sleep when the baby sleeps. So I took a nap with her this morning, and afternoon. It was nice. I even had a little extra time to solve the mystery of the missing bottle (again). It wasn’t lost, just the nipple was and all it did was fall into a drawer. Whew! I even washed bottles, did my pumping and that was about it.

My Mom sent me a guilt trip letter yesterday. Let me just say that is doesn’t really motivate me to finish her overdue birthday present any time soon.

I went to Target this evening full of intentions on buying something for dinner or a snack or something. I never do. I did end up trying on 13 bras in the hope of finding one that fits and is flattering. I walked away with one I didn’t really hate. Morella was super good, sitting in her cart like a big girl and even put up with three trips to the fitting room in order to find this bra.

I also looked for bath toys and couldn’t find a section for it. I did find two wind up sharks that swim in the water though. I figured they would do. We do have a cup and a bowl and ball, in addition to her rubber ducky but that’s it. I was thinking about the total cost of the trip when I was done. It was $53 dollars! I didn’t get that much stuff. Let’s see.

Formula – $14.89
New Bottle Brushes (2) generic: 1.97
Size 2 Target Brand Diapers (40): $5.74
Playtex Bra: $14.99
Target Brand SOMETHING (I don’t have it, whatever it is): $1.49
Wind up Toy: $2.99
Hi Cut Underwear (3 pairs): $6.98
Black Photo Frames: $2.50

Total: $53.57

Gah! I wish I had been paying attention when that random 1.49 thing was rung up. It’s hard to do that when you have a small baby who is getting fussy. I could have bought a coffee for that 1.49 plus tax.

At least we only buy one pack of diapers and one can of formula a month. That stuff adds up!

Double Gah I just burned my foot by dropping a piece of pizza hot out of the oven when the tomato sauce splattered. It really really hurts.

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