RIP Koopa
10.10.03 – 7.1.08

The sad thing is, I can’t find the one picture I took of her. I think it’s on the older computer which isn’t hooked up. :( She lived a long and fruitful life. She was really old and frail near the end. Blind in one eye and it was shrunken, she was clumsy and didn’t take as good as care of herself as she used too, she didn’t use the running wheel as much. I feel bad, I should have cleaned her cage one last time so that she could have died in clean conditions. Sigh.

On to the rat I guess. Who knows when the inlaws will take the rat back. In the meantime we decided to call it Jenner. I bought it a running wheel and it’s sort of growing on me. I am trying to think of a place for it upstairs in the office so it doesn’t feel so lonely and isolated in the basement. Listen to me. Rat’s feel? Come on. There are millions of rats that live happily in sewers. Anyway.

I dropped Tim off at work this morning because he had a lot of crap to bring with him and it’s supposed to rain a lot this afternoon and coming home on his bike with that would have been a pain. Plus we are meeting some old friends for dinner — Tim’s bff in high school/early college Mike and his wife Rachel who had a baby boy two weeks before Morella — on her due date actually. :)

After I dropped him off I stopped at Gotham Bagel to try it out. I got a cuppa joe and a breakfast sandwich. Man, you should see the size of the bagels they sell for a buck. They are like twice the size of Einstein. HUGE as big as your head bagels. All I could think of when I saw them was “That is a week’s worth of carb servings in that one bagel.” Thankfully the breakfast sandwich I got didn’t use one of the monster bagels.

As you can see I am not snoozing while Morella is. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good and awake. I hope to use that during the day to help me get some stuff done. I want to make a rhubarb stir cake at some point so that I can drop some off at Laima’s when I return her party dishware. Plus the recipe says it tastes better the next day, so I want to give it time to be tasted tomorrow.

Oh I figured out what the $1.49 was a target — it was for disposable travel wipes. So I wasn’t ripped off after all. ;)

We watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night. What a long movie. It was okay. I remember when I first read Harry Potter I fell in love with the whimsy of it. But OotP made it quite clear that the movie was no longer whimsical. They are going to finish the series out right?

I want to see Hancock or Wall-E this weekend. I am also excited about Batman because it’s filled with hotties — Christian Bale and Heath Ledger is like a hottie sandwich. Oh my!

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