So we are heading up to visit Tim’s parents for the weekend and for them to have trial run of taking care of Morella tomorrow. I am nervous about it all. No, sure they are quiet competent people but you know how it is. It’s my baby!

Plus, you know I am so unprepared. I have to go to BRU to buy a car adapter for my pump, and then I would also like to go to Goodman’s to pick up my rings. I guess those are are the two things we HAVE to do, in addition to dropping Pluto off at Sigrid and Matt’s this evening and packing the car.

Last night we went out to eat at El Pescador. It’s a Mexican/South American restaurant that specialized in seafood. It’s brilliant really. All of our food was great, it was kid friendly (though no changing in the bathroom), and it was a blast hanging out with Rachel and Mike and watching the babies get to know each other. Henry and Morella are only two weeks apart in age. Morella made poor Henry cry twice with her very enthusiastic talking/shouting/grunting — I guess I am so used to her style of communication it shocks me whenever another baby is horrified by … well just wait. Maybe she said something in ‘baby’ that was really offending.

I have to cut this short. I just had my first case of “why is the baby quiet and making ‘mmmmm mmm” munch noises? Crap! She found a piece of paper! I fished it out and all is well. But what a stinker! Okay, off to get dressed and pick my my little trickster from the neglectosaucer.

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