This week I am pretending that my life is a job. You know, no napping in the morning, go to bed at a reasonable time, no using the internet whenever I have a free moment or have to pump — keep it regulated, get stuff down around the house…maybe. I don’t know. I do know I feel like I want some change/order to happen around here. I want to get some projects done that have long been overlooked…


Yesterday Tim had taken a vacation day and spent it getting tons of stuff done around the house. I mean he really went through and licked his to do list! We even had time to eat lunch at Maharaja, and once again they didn’t disappoint in the their buffet — this was the most curries I have ever seen displayed. Morella sat in a high chair, straight as an arrow for the entire time. She played with a spoon, my sunglasses and a straw and sampled some naan, a smidge of mango ice cream and one basmati rice grain. She was so good!

We came back and she and I napped for awhile (I really had a sleep shortage this past weekend), and then played, pumped and then took a walk before the big thunderstorms hit. Since she was warm from the walk, I gave her a bath and she sat up straight again, and played with toys and splashed…and folks I think she is enjoying bath time! It’s great! I put her jammies on, gave her a bottle, read a few stories and she was down for the night at 7:50.

Then I was sick of being hungry and not having food around the house so I made some banana bread (using the three very ripe banana’s on the table), spaghetti (I had to make my own sauce because we were out), and fruit salad (which sadly tasted a bit oniony because I only rinsed the cutting board in between uses) with whipped topping. We watched Evan Almighty – which was okay and then hit the hay.

I spent way too much time thinking about Dexter and how the season one ended. I proceeded to have dreams about living in a rickety attic where spots on the floor wouldn’t support weight and wondering how we were gonna get around that with the baby.

Oh and Laima — did you get your sail boat yet? And Tim totally looked into how much it would be to buy a kayak. In the end we decided that renting them from rutabaga would be cheaper and more cost effective for the time being. You wanna go Kayak some time?

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