Photo Catchup

I have pictures to upload before tomorrow’s post. So here they are. I hope you don’t get sick of them. Let me know if you do and then I will never, ever post them again. *Ever.

BBQ at Sigrid and Matt’s

Which one is scarier? The gargoyle … or


Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) funny eye squint she got from having leaves touch her head.

Clothing Exchange Party

(Left to Right) Hilary, Lowen, Laima, Sigrid, Amy and myself. There were a lot of clothes, I would have posted a photo of just that but Tim informed me that pictures of piles of clothes is boring and “No one wants to see that.”

Door County

Tim imitating the creepy mascot for Not Licked Yet up in Fish Creek, Door County Wisconsin

Visit with Ruth (at Sarah and Dave’s)

Our young hostess – Ruth

Morella and Ruth standing — can you tell who is NOT happy about standing? (She doesn’t like to stand unless her belly can lean against something — like the back of the couch)

Ruth hangs on to Morella’s toes while she catches her balance. Meanwhile, Morella is like “Oh goody, fingers!”

Happy babies

Morella in the newly purchased from a garage sale exersaucer that the grandparents bought JUST for her (and future grandbabies). She was watching a riveting game of croquet.

*Just kidding.

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