So my little Halo party with my brothers was canceled just now because one of my brothers lost his xbox live …uh whatever and the other one is tired and the other one is a no show and the other one sold his game because he’s a wuss. Sigh.

And Tim made Morella’s bottle wrong tonight and when he was feeding her she was choking. I mean it’s great that she chokes/coughs now when she aspirates — but it’s quite clear she is not ready to graduate yet from honey consistency. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time setting up an appointment for this month. :( Her reflux is terrible the past couple of days too. We are wondering if we should adjust her medicine..but I shrivel at the idea of even giving her more than one shooter of randitine because it’s such a pain in the ass to give it to the begin with. I wonder if she could go up on prevacid. My feeling is no. Our pediatrician is such a … wuss. I guess that’s good sometimes.

Sigh. Is it worth fighting for? I don’t know. I am beginning to wonder if the reflux is still the cause behind her swallowing issues. I mean there are dozens of babies who have bad reflux that don’t have these swallowing issues. Will she ever learn to swallow thin liquids? I thought for sure that we would be done with this problem by the time she was eight months and that’s just around the corner with no end in sight.

I want her reflux to stop.
I want her to be able to swallow like a normal baby/kid.

Is that too much to ask?


In other news, Tim’s old coworker Andrew came into town today to visit before he moves to Phoenix AZ to join his family. We had lunch at Lazy Jane’s and then he and Tim went kayaking on Lake Monona while I stayed home with Morella and worked on cleaning up and organizing the office. I have been meaning to do that for ages and finally did it today! Man having people over is really a good motivator to get stuff done. I wish there was that kind of motivation for crafts, projects or hobbies. Now the office is really cozy and nice. When they got back from kayaking we headed over to La Fete de Marquette and ate some dinner. I had a piece of pizza, some hushpuppies and shared some ice cream and mini pecan pie with Tim. Morella enjoyed the music as always.

Over all it was a good day except the end. Now I have to figure out what to do with my time. Tim and Andrew went out to see Hellboy II.

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