My google reader has been really slow the last couple of days, and I forayed into my website stats and saw that readership is down here too. What’s going on folks? Everyone must be on vacation. I find myself searching for more blogs to read. On the other hand, when everyone else isn’t posting I find that I end up trying to make up for it. You know instead of complaining about the problem try and do something to remedy it.

Today was okay. Morella was kind of cranky and I heard a lot of low grade “uh uh uh uh uh uh” followed by “AHhhhahhhha hhhh” whenever I walked out of her sight. She didn’t take a long nap this morning after her first bottle. I changed her diaper once in the hopes that she would sleep more, but 10 minutes later I heard more “errr errr errr err” on the monitor, gave up all hope of extra sleep and went into find that she had a scrawny little leg sticking through the slats all the way up to her thigh. She didn’t seem to thrilled about it but at the same time she wasn’t overly upset either. She would just kick her leg and go “ooorrr orr”. It was funny.

I guess she was having a whiney day. She ate only 23.5 ounces. We went to the zoo and afterward she cried the whole way back home and kept it up for every little thing. Or at least it seemed like it. Instead of a long walk with the dog, I opted for a long bath time. She got this cow duckie from our friend Andrew this past weekend along with some bath toys that light up. He also gave her a big inflatable rubber duck that she seems to only like when it isn’t the bath. I was thinking of maybe using it for a teeny little pool for outside.

I hope she is in a better mood tomorrow. I think I am going to Borders to hear some story man tell some stories.

I turned on the AC this afternoon. I am a sucker for caring about Tim and thinking he would appreciate it when he got back his bike commute from work. I also thought maybe it would help Morella stop being so crabby.

I watched my portions again today and my god it’s hard. I mean, by the last pump of the night I feel like I have a headache and all I can think about is food food food. I decided that the headache was real, that I didn’t want any more water and that my body was really telling me it needed a snack so I dug out a crappy FiberOne bar from the breakfast bars stash and ate it. I do feel better now.

One other thing, I am going to try and eliminate as much dairy as I can for week, and stop giving Morella any dairy to see if that will help her reflux. I can’t help but to think that the introduction of yogurt has coincided with her spitting up now. I guess we’ll wait and see. I can’t get rid of it all, her formula has a bit of milk in it…but it’s so small….I don’t know. I wish she would hurry up and outgrow this reflux so I can focus on worrying about her aspirating issues.

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