I am pumping now — late. At least an hour later than I would normally pump and just as I started Morella started her high pitched (but quiet) squealing which means she’s pooping. Did I mention she is in the exersaucer? Soon she will start jumping up and down and making sure that poop gets everywhere…hurray! I have to bring the diapers up from the basement, if they are even dry. I am thinking she’s going to have to wear a sposie when I am done.

Thank god she didn’t poop an hour earlier! We went garage saleing this morning. I left the house with no diaper bag because I figured I was just scouring the neighbhorhood. You know, not going far? Well I found some books for her including Stella Luna and or whatever, a complete old fashioned wooden block set, a bunch of big wooden beads on a shoestring, two old lady dresses, a christmas sweater, an angel for the top of the tree, shelf contact paper, a closet do hickey to “add more space!”, rubber duckies including a native american one, and a xmas tree skirt. Overall I did really well! But the baby started to get fussy, it was time to change her diaper, I needed to pump, it was close to eating time for her and her naptime, and I had to pee really bad. I get home, and realize just as I was about to take her out of the carsear “Crap I forgot me keys.”

I dumped out my whole bag. Nothing. I searched the car for the extra key that Morella plays with. Not there. Finally I got really mad and called Tim because clearly it is his fault for dissuading me from getting a spare key and hiding it someplace. “Show a little key responsiblity,” he preached from his air conditioned cube, with restrooms right down the hall, a snack table with goodies and coworkers who didn’t need their diapers changed.

I hung up on his twice. I went to the back and surveyed the house to see if I could break in. Nothing doing. :P Thankfully there was a green blanket out on the porch, so I put Morella in the yard and gave her little naked time. I was happy to see there was no poop. While she was rolling around I went behind the little tree, next to the fences out of view of the neighbors house’s as much as I could and went pee. OH that felt so good. But I wouldn’t need to water the tree if we just had a stupid key around.

I then turned on the house, rinsed out a liner and used it to wipe Morella and then took the cover, and her back to the car to see if I could make a diaper out of something. Thankfully there was an old fashioned single ply diaper there that I tried to figure out while Morella played a little with her new duckies. Oh and someone gave her a brand new purple care bear! What a lucky girl. Anyway, I forgot to mention I bought her a little baseball hat. It was made out of cotten so I decided it was going to have to be sacrified to become an insert for the diaper for extra absorption. I put it on her, plopped her back in the car seat, gave her the beads to play with, turned on the AC and we were on our way to meet Tim to borrow his keys.

There are a ton of great sales out today. I am almost sorry that Morella finally decided to sleep in this morning a little. I am thinking I want to go tommorrow. Tim can watch Morella in the morning. Though she does love garage sales!

Morale of the story: Have a spare. No matter what your stupid, preachy husband says.

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