Man this summer has been so busy. So so busy.

Okay first things first. Morella learned how to wave hello! It’s so cute. She moves her arm back and forth but hasn’t quite caught on that she needs to open her hand. So her hand sort of flops back and forth.

Tim is outside mowing the lawn right now. We all took a nap from 2-4 this afternoon after having a luxurious brunch at Nau-Ti-Gal, so I don’t think she is tired yet. However I bet she is bored sitting in a big inflated duck. I was thinking of using it as a mini pool in the back yard…we have been in the A/C all day so I don’t thinks she’s too hot or anything. I wonder if the skeeters would be bad or she would even have fun doing that. Meh. I don’t know. I need to pump and I am not sure where to put her while I do that. I did score a bunch of wooden blocks at a garage sale this weekend, so maybe I’ll sit her by them and she can go to town taking them out.

Yesterday we went to Lowen’s housewarming party. Her backyard is so beautiful and big! The inside of the house isn’t bad. I can’t wait to see it in another year when she has had more time to really make it her own. It’s off to a great start though with eggshell blue walls and white owls, and … sigh. I wish I had a interior design bone in my body. I guess I just do what I can do…and part of that is to work on cleaning up this house before we go on vacation so that Phil doesn’t have to live in a mess and we can come back to to a nice clean place. It always makes it easier to transition that way.

We left the party at 8 becuase Morella needed to go bed after not taking a good afternoon nap. I put her bed and was pleased that she ate well. Hurray! She is also eating really well today. I love these days when I don’t have to fight with her to eat anything. I have to store them up and remember them for the days when she is a picky eater. After Morella went to bed, I decided to go to the Inferno with Sigrid for an hour so that I could keep my pumping schedule. I ended up coming back a little later than I wanted and kicked Tim out the door so that he could ride bike over to the housewarming party and enjoy the rest of it sans baby. I pumped and watched Dr. Horrible and loved it! Then I took a shower to get the stinky smokey/bar club smell off and went to bed. v

Okay I should stop right now and take Morella out of the duck before she melts down.

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