Photographic Evidence of Busy

I broke my personal rule of no more than 10 photos because I have been a little behind and these are just too good to pass up. That said, let’s get started!

Erika, Me, Lowen and Sigrid met up last Thursday at Genna’s for an Lady’s Coffee night reunion! Back in college we used to meet up once a week at various locales around the city and catch up. It was a great way to hang out and unwind at least once a week and make time in our busy schedules to just chat. I miss those days and the company of great women.

This past Sunday, everyone (with the exception of Morella) woke upon on the wrong side of the bed. We decided to regroup and go out for a fancy brunch at Nau-ti-gal for their infamous spread. We all dressed up including Morella in my favorite dress. Though, you know, she only has two dresses and one isn’t really a dress more more like a skort type thing. They sat us in a little room off to the side which I was a little disappointed in because Morella love to look at other people and it’s an easy way to keep her occupied. She’s a shameless flirt and waves and says hello to anyone that might be looking at her. We discovered that she likes croissants and salmon.

This past Saturday we headed over to Lowen and Jason’s housewarming party. Lowen has been waiting to buy a house for a small eternity so it was a pleasure to go and warm the … outside. I helped to build up a fire to deter the mosquito’s while she held Morella for awhile. I was surprised at how well she did considering it was near her bedtime and she was boycotting naps. It was also cool to have Morella wear her Bauhaus onsie in front of an audience that caught the reference and appreciated it. :D

I have been taking daily strolls with Morella. No stroller, no big preparation, just walking out the door carrying Morella and walking around different blocks. One of the trips I convinced Tim to go with us and we went to the park so she could try out a baby swing. The first time I tried her on it was a couple months ago and she hated it. This time, it was a different story.

Look at this face! I love love love how enthusiastic she is about everything life has to offer. If she anything like me, then swinging is sure to become a favorite childhood pasttime. I remember once, my grade school friend Jessica and I pondered heavily on how we could become professional swingers.

At one of the garage sales this weekend, I picked up a bag of wooden blocks. In an attempt to give Morella more floor time to encourage her rolling around and possible doorway to crawling and sitting up, Tim got down on the floor to construct block building for her to knock down. Here she waits patiently while the architech works his magic.

Last Thursday, during the day we met with my old college friend Erika and her Mom at the Memorial Union. Erika did a great job with Morella and even put up with her bouncing on her lap like a maniac. And no, Morella did not have any beer. She did have some watermelon that she didn’t care for though.

Then we took a break and went over to Lake Monona so that Morella could get her toes wet. This was her first time wading in a large body of water outside of the home. When I was in college, for one year, I would swim in this lake until it turned too green to see my hands once in the water. I figured wading would be okay for her, and she seemed to like it. I later expanded her swimming experience by filling the tub more and taking a bath with her so that she could really stretch out and splash. I think she a water baby!

Two weeks ago, Tim’s old coworker and friend Andrew came for a visit before heading off to Arizona where his wife and kid have already settled in. Tim and Andrew went kayaking, saw a movie and we all ate lunch at Lazy Jane’s and went to La Fete de Marquette. The following morning we had all had deluxe McDonald’s breakfasts in the comfort of our own home while the sweet baby napped. Over all it was a really good visit and we enjoyed his company a lot. Too bad he’s moving far far away.

Andrew bought Morella some awesome bath toys including this inflatable Duckie, which she tried out the following day, and a cow duck. I later found an assortment of rubber duckies at a garage sale so her assortment of ducks now totals 6. My friend Sigrid said she could hook her up with a devil duckie — I sense a collection starting….

This a picture of Morella NOT taking a nap. How can you resist such cuteness?

And three weeks prior, Tim’s hold high school and college chum Mike, wife Rachel and their son Henry came to visit. We checked out this new mexican seafood resturant and let the kiddo’s get acqainted with each other. We had a great time — and I deemed their margaritta’s to be too weak. The food however, was excellent.

Lastly, these photos and other photos posted in this blog can be found in the Gallery, or by clicking on the July 2008 link to your left.

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