Hello from Baton Rouge, LA!

While I am waiting for Tim to get our rental car from Enterprise for our day trip to LaFayette let me give you a bullet version of some things that have been going on.

  • Dropped off Morella to spend a week getting spoiled rotten by her grandparents. I call often to get updates on how she is doing. But you know, I try to keep it short and sweet otherwise I’ll think about it too much and get all misty eyed.
  • Held an alligator
  • Took a boat ride into the middle of a swamp.
  • Saw a 1800 year old tree.
  • Went to the Baton Rouge Zoo and was very impressed. We got in for free because their electricity was sporadic.
  • Visited a long leaf pine Savannah.
  • Ate at Jack in the Box, Canes and Sonic (all fast food chains that we don’t have up north).
  • Played Wii
  • Saw the Dark Night and really liked it.
  • Visited the Rural Life Museum run by LSU.
  • At pizza and drank beer at a place called Schlittz and Giggles.
  • Gamboled $4 and got a “free” drink on the Hollywood River Boat casino. I also got to see real live craps and roulette games being played. The floor that these games were on smelled like desperation and false hope. It was kind of depressing and we were bored so we left. It just goes to show how much better Ho-Chunk Casino is, at least they give you some wins to keep you playing.
  • Ate lunch at Comet Cafe in Milwaukee — the pie was bad and I sent it back which results in a small tiff with the waitress. I had everyone from the table try it and they all agreed it was crap. The waitress then went on to tell me how it won a ribbon at the state fair and that she had some of it herself earlier in the day. It was a lie because on the way to the bathroom I saw the pie and there was ONE slice missing. Perhaps she had a slice of a different pie but this one particular one sucked ass.
  • Pumped in in the Milwaukee Airport.
  • Flew on planes.
  • Relaxed with some TV and cross-stitch (one of my goals for this trip).

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