Okay! I did it. I went through and uploaded our vacation pictures from Louisiana vacation and also our trip to the Blooming Butterflies at Olbrich Garden with my new friend Angie and her kids. They are to the left or you can click here: See pictures now!. It took me a long time to do this – two days! It’s sort of a guided tour, so you can read the descriptions there. It was a packed week and there are lots of things we didn’t take pictures of that we did but …sigh. It’s enough.

In other news, Morella was super tired yesterday and grumpy. Today so far it’s the same thing. I’m not gonna complain too much because I needed those morning naps just as much as she did to catch up on sleep. She is busting her butt to learn to learn how to crawl and Tim thinks that might be the reason why she is tuckering out so fast. At least today I managed to take a shower and actually get dressed during her nap (which I think she is waking up from now). I guess this means she is going to have another nap later this afternoon. There is no way she can make it from 1.30 to 8:00 without any of use losing it. :)

Tim was up late last night making mini florentine ham cups for his work’s snack day. I only got to eat half a one…I wish I had more now…or that he would make fancy stuff like that for home. We had tater tot casserole last night. Tonight I am thinking … gah I don’t know yet. I am going over to my friend Amy’s tonight for a Discovery Toy party. Mostly I am going for the cake and to be supportive. I am really looking forward to that cake. Tim has the car today because he needed to transport those goodies to work so I am house bound. That isn’t a bad thing when you have been away for a week, you know?

Okay time to rescue my Sweeps.

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