I am having a correspondence night. Tim started a new gaming night with some folks, and Phil is out doing a Vollyball game so it was just me and the little girl. We had a pretty day so she ended up going down for bed without a fuss.

What did we do? First we went to the Eastside Mom’s club meeting. I showed up and started to think the whole thing was mistake until I started talking to the lady next to me. She was wearing a sundress and had her hair pulled back in flawless pony tail and her son had a head full of blond curls and was a sweet as can be. She told me that the meetings are always chaotic and sort of lame and to not base the group on these meetings. I finally got some paper work from the main recruiter Mom and said I would think about. Hours later, I have thought about it. I did meet one cool Mom – Angie from the the first meeting I went too, and now there is the potential for another cool Mom so if you think about it I already got my money’s worth right there. It’s only $20 bucks…not that much for a year’s membership of valuable networking. ;)

The meeting was at 10:00 which is kind of hard because between 10 and 11 is when Morella has her second bottle of the day. I was able to actually get her to eat it while we were at the meeting (I got around the perfect temp thing by putting her bottle in a coffee cup themos with hot water), I changed her diaper after ward and we were good to go! I saw that our neighborhood is having their annual garage sales which means the Moravian Church is having their all sale. I went over there to see if they had set up. I lucked out, because they they were setting up but also letting folks look around and buy stuff. I hit the mother lode folks. I got oodles of pans (the stainless steel/aluminum ones I have been replacing my crappy Teflon with, a bunch of pillow cases (I have been replacing the nasty ones we have with new/old ones that aren’t nasty), frames, and a large round blue gingham tablecloth. I was able to shop so much because a nice old lady offered to hold Morella while I browsed. For the record, I don’t hand her off to women who appear to be crazy and I keep I close eye on her while I am shopping. I just tell them to face her out and she has a great time! Oh I also got a baby sled! I can’t wait until winter for her to try out. Scratch that…I can wait until winter — but this will make winter a little more fun. She’ll be able to fit the Finnish snowsuit this year complete with the booties and glove and what not. It will be blast taking her out in that — it has safety straps on it even!

After that, we came home she ate another bottle and then laid down for a nap while I pumped and caught on on some email and put things away. She woke up after an hour and half and we headed out to the Nerd Slam downtown in Humanities Bldg. We stayed for about a 1/2 an hour and I got to only hear 3 poems because of a stupid nerd quiz that was taking forever in between. Finally Morella got overwhelmed by their boisterousness and we stopped at the bank to deposit a check and then to Starbucks to get me a passion iced tea. Of course Morella got tons of comments because I was wearing her in the moby. Whenever I wear her she gets constant attention and interaction.

She took a small nap on the way home. After that Tim had to go his gaming group, Phil played with her for awhile while I pumped and then I took her and Pluto on a walk. Of course he took a giant dump while I was walking him. He doesn’t do that when it’s Tim and I. Sheesh. Stupid dog. Got home and still had an hour to go before bed time so we fed the animals and then went to the bedroom to let her play on the bed for a 1/2 hour. I think she’s getting that crawling thing down! I would put forbidden items out of reach — like a ruler, a little notebook, etc and she got them all. That little stinker also tried to climb off the bed! I hovered over her to see if she really meant on going all the way and half way of the bed I scooped her up and called her a stinker all the while she was laughing! What a nut!

I changed her into jammies, read a few stories she at a whole bottle (for a total of like 30 ounces today) and then went to bed without a problem. I then called my old coworker Janet to catch up and then decided it was catch up night with friends so I poured myself a glass of wine and got started.

Look I even did a post! I think I’m on fire for tonight!

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