I feel downright giddy! I was looking around for more poetry slams for tonight and stumbled upon this article written in the Isthmus (our free twice weekly paper, similar to Chicago’s Reader full of events, opinions — blah blah): Blogging day two of National Poetry Slam 2008 in Madison

There I was reading the article, I clicked on the first blogger’s link and was unimpressed with their post and scrolled on down to read the next one. It was block quoted and everything and at first I thought “What does this bozo have to say…probably another one of those overly thought out critique’s. I read the first two lines and realized “Holy shit! That’s me!”

Crazy! I wrote that while I was pumping, after I had gotten home late. I wish it was proofed a little more, but the day was past done and I was tired.

I’m famous!!

[Edit: There is a link to the full blog but you can also read it here: “Judge”

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