Last night decided to have a fire because it was cooler and nice. I invited a few folks over last minute — via email because you know, I hate talking on the phone. I did get a bit from Sigrid and Matt who showed up for a drink before heading to the Inferno to sell Reverence Tickets. They are coming back tonight for dinner — I’m making pesto pasta with grilled chicken. I don’t know what else….I am trying to remember how calm and unworried Kathleen was about having folks over. I am not going to go over every inch of the house or make a super gourmet dinner. The whole point of it is to hang out with friends and we are going to do that more. I foresee inviting someone over for dinner at least once a month.

We put a pretty good dent into our huge pile of brush. I think there are still 2-3 more fires sitting in that brush pile. My goal is to finish it by the time it snows.

Right now Tim and Phil are outside with Morella. I set up the play pen so that Morella could be in it while Tim works on fixing the red mulch area of the yard and I was thinking about more paint scraping and then painting for the back part of the garage. You know household chores. It’s looking like a beautiful day though! We might have to go to the dog park and tire out Pluto before we have company.

I made pancakes this morning for breakfast. Tim cooked the sausage.

He also said I have the decorating taste of an old lady. For some reason that stings today. :(

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