Today went well. We took Pluto to get an ultrasound and then decided after talking to the vet tech and based on how well he was doing we decided to not pursue an ultrasound. Thus saving us a ton of money, and Pluto trauma. Morella had a blast playing with the plastic animals in the waiting room while I enjoyed a hot coco.

Of course I was disappointed to see that Morella weighed only 15 lbs and 8oz — and that was *just* after eating a 6 ounce bottle. Sigh. I swear she is bigger though! She is outgrowing clothes in the torso lengthwise…but you know I guess I felt bad because I have gotten three comments on how tiny and petite she is after people learn how old she is. Okay. Just have to remember she is healthy, hitting milestones and very energetic and active. Plus, she was two weeks overdue and was born weighing 6 lb 14 oz….dude that little! Ironically, it was enough to still give me stretch marks. :P

After we got home, she ate a good lunch of last night’s bean stew and then took a nap. She woke up after an hour, but she was still tired. So I changed her diaper and put her back down and she slept for another hour and half. A long afternoon nap on top of a long morning nap = happy day! I totally cleaned the living room, taped down rugs, baby proofed stuff….and having Phil around to do dishes every now and then is amazing. It’s like I have finally been able to get on top of the house and make some headway. Hilary reasoned it was because since I don’t have to do dishes I have time to do other stuff. It makes me wonder if maybe we should get a dishwasher…even one of those stupid portable ones.

We had mac and cheese for dinner and Morella at a good portion and then almost killed a 5th bottle before bed without a fuss. It was a pretty awesome day — almost enough to make up for yesterday. I mean, it did for Morella but we could have gone without the dog attack.

The best part is that I decided to take advantage of my new Y membership and headed down to walk the treadmill on a good incline for 30 minutes. The key is to not think about it too much and just do it. Okay! Now I am well on my way to becoming as svelte as my friend Sarah who banished 30 pounds in the last 8 months.

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