Morella has been taking her two naps between-ish 8:00AM to 10:00AM and 2:00ish to 4:00ish. It’s nice to have some frame of mind on when they happen. She is definitely stretching her times between the naps — it used to be she was awake for 3 hours and with the exception of the morning nap, she is now up to 4 hours in between.

Morella has teeth! I noticed last Saturday that there was something small and white on her lower jaw and said “Is that a tooth?” Tim felt and confirmed it. I later got a good luck at her mouth while she laughing (I was spinning her around in my arms) and I saw that both of the lower teeth are coming in, and she has a swollen spot next to the top tooth that might or might no be another tooth working on coming in. It could also be a cold sore…but upon closer examination it looks like a swollen gum. It sure explained why she didn’t want to eat bottles! I eventually got some orajel and if she is being super fussy I give it to her about 5 minutes before a bottle.

Teeth! My little baby is getting big. Heck this weekend will be 9 months. I have a hard time fathoming 9 months…she still seems to teeny to me. I used to think anything beyond 8 months was an old baby, but I don’t think that any more.

Yesterday was a home day. We hung around the house all day doing piddly stuff, catching up on chores and washing diapers. Then Tim said it that it was Name Day at Pedro’s, which means anyone named Timothy or Linda could get a free meal up to 10 bucks. Linda is so close to Laura don’t you think? As it was we 10$ off is pretty good, so we headed over there for dinner. I gave Morella a tortilla to eat and she guarded it ferociously. I ordered a pretty safe burrito and Tim got something really awesome that had lots of cheese in it. A seafood enchilada I think. Then we came home and I pumped while Tim took Morella and Pluto on the nightly walk.

Speaking of pumping — my supply went back up! I wonder why it dropped…the only thing I can think of was that I was restricting calories … not that crazy but enough and maybe…or maybe it was just coincidence? I think I am going to try and keep a better idea on that so it’s not so worrisome when it happens again. Maybe it’s coinciding with when I would get my period (if I was getting one). Or maybe … I don’t know.

I started working on Morella’s baby book last night again. I had done a few pages when she was born and haven’t touched it since. My excuse was I didn’t have pictures. Well now I have them and I don’t have an excuse for not doing it … at least until I run out of pictures and have to wait for the next batch. Will she even care about the baby book? I never had one as a kid. Who is the baby book for? The baby or the parents?

I am having my garage sale September 12 and 13. I wonder if Tim’s Mom would still be willing to help watch Morella. She’ll be in working then, and no one has garage sales on Saturday past 3:00PM … which is when she would probably be able to get here. Cecci (who just moved here last Friday!) said she would help — at least hang out. Anyone else want to help? Anyone? Maybe I should make Tim take a day off since he is so eager to have one and he can help….

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