Two weeks ago at the neighborhood garage sale I met a woman who lives two blocks down, right next to the #1 bachelor, DIY guy who flips houses, has a dog, owns his own house, had a cool jeep, a truck and is super nice of the hood. I impulsively suggested that we hook up to walk or something and she readily agreed. She is also a SAHM and getting used to life with baby. We swapped info and I had all the best intentions of emailing her but didn’t get around to it. Luckily a few days later she emailed me!

We made a date for getting together today at 11:00 to walk around the neighborhood. I went to her house and she invited me in. Her place was ravaged by the great flood this spring/summer too and the whole basement is being renovated. We ended up walking to Woodman’s to get some donuts and then I planned a big circle to East Moorland park and then back. However, half way through it she said she needed to take a break because it was hard keeping up with my fast pace and I was such a hardcore walker.

Ha ha. ME!

It was good because it gave us more of a chance to talk. Morella sat in the grass on a small blanket and we ate donuts while swapping labor stories and talking about people we both knew in college (small world!). I was out longer than I expected, and Morella fell asleep 10 minutes before I got home. I left her in the stroller and decided to get my pumping session in quick. She woke up because Tim called and I still had my cell phone in the stroller. It was funny because the vibrating feature is on and when I heard it go off I looked over to see her slowly wake up with this amazed look on her face. Her stroller was vibrating and singing!

She was good enough to sit there for an extra 10 minutes while I finished pumping. BIL Phil came back at that point and said he was going to take a nap. He had returned from a long weekend in Milwaukee. Since Morella had that 1/2 an hour nap, she was convinced she was ready and raring to go. I put on the Moby, put her in the car and away to the grocery store we went.

I can’t believe how much grocery prices went up. Granted I haven’t gone shopping in like a month and I really should never, ever buy laundry detergent at the grocery store again. Ever. It was 18 dollars….that’s … SO much.

Oh that reminds me, I need to check angie’s list to find a dryer repairman. Our dryer is making this horrible screeching noise everytime we use it. I am afraid of making it worse if we don’t get it fixed. It probably just needs oil. I would figure it out myself, but I have a terrible knack for successfully taking apart things only to not be able to put it back together… except for vacuum cleaners. I can fix those.

As I was saying. I forgot what I was saying. I was writing about the day I think.

Can you believe Morella is standing? I can’t. We lowered her crib mattress tonight after her bath. We skipped the walk because she was super cranky and fussy and needed to danced. I gave her some tylenol before bed and she went down without a peep. I think she is getting a cold. She was sneezing all day and had a small creek of snot coming out of her nose after her late nap.

Well I am done pumping for the day. I need to make a bottle and get to bed. My legs hurt from being on them all day. Tomorrow I have to wash the dishes, renew Morella’s prescription for randitine, check my netflix lineup.

Tim’s gaming night is tomorrow so I guess I have correspondence night then. Expect emails friends!

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