Friday Photos: Morella – 9 Months old
Playing the piano in her fort.

“Does this outfit make my butt look big?”

I love her look in this picture.

Her Gaga made her two dresses. This one is a creme and light green one with embroidered butterflies on the tulle. The overcast light made it hard for me to catch the color so I turned it into a black and white image because I still think it’s a cute photo. She has a little growing into these dresses to do — but rest assured I have plenty of heavy tights and long sleeved white/various colored turtleneck onsies for that. :)

I just love homemade, girlie girl, dresses. Morella has so few dresses, the fact that she has two specially made for her just fantastic. You know there is a big difference between clothes that are made carefully by seasoned seamstresses and clothes you get off the rack from a store.

“Uh, Are you gonna get me out of here or what?”
Little Miss Standing up in the Crib

We have seen lots of these faces in the last few days.

As always, clicking on the pictures will get you a big version. Enjoy!

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