This morning Morella went down for a nap at 8.30! I couldn’t believe it, so I hurried up and made her bottles and went to lay down myself. Today the cold has progressed into the sniffly stage. You know where you sound like you have a cold and it’s all settled at the top of your nose in between your eyes? Yeah right there. The baby has been a pain to feed because her nose is stuffy too and cleaning it out is a huge battle. Even though you know she is grateful for it afterward. She ended up sleeping until 11:00. Oh thank goodness. I needed that extra sleep. I really did. I bet she does too.

I need to do some chores around the house today, one of which includes paying the mortgage and credit card bill (which we pay off in full every month). Sigh. I should also make a list for today and put the few things i have done on it like the Dr.’s appointment, posting here and paying those two bills. Being sick is teh suck.

Morella’s 9 Month Well Baby Appointment:

16 lbs = 7%
28 1.2 inches = 81%
head is something something = 35% (that number hardly ever changes)

The rash in the front and on her lower tummy is recurring because she is a tummy sleeper. She said to put some vaseline on it before bedtime.

Take her randitine medicine now once a day. No change in dosage, we are letting her outgrow it.
Take prevacid once a day.

Try to give her more protein, and let her eat whatever she’ll eat.

Put in a referral/order for the barium swallow study. I’ll make the date once I have the referral in hand. Of course since Morella is sick she has choked twice today on bottles. Sigh. I hope it’s because of snot and difficulty breathing than a real set back. When she isn’t sick she has been doing so well and showing no signs of swallowing difficulty for the past month. Gotta trust in instincts and my instincts tell me she is getting better and the chances of her passing are better than they have ever been.

I didn’t get my “baby check appointment = panera bread” treat because it was really late and I still needed to pump. Stupid pumping.

So Hurray for a good appointment!

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