Laima – I actually have one of those kids to fix a lawn chair that I got at a rummage sale last year. I should do it while I am having this year’s sale. Good idea! I do have a favorite chair too. It’s been with me for 13 years. It’s my powwow chair, even though it’s never b…wait it did go to one powwow.

So yeah. I’ve been sick. Last night was just awful. I had snot dripping out of my nose like a faucet — splashing on my arms, the baby, anything that was in front of me if I didn’t have a tissue in hand. In fact, when I went to bed the inside of my nose felt so raw from being runny that I did the classic little kid maneauver of plugging both sides with wads of kleenex. If I wasn’t nursing you can bet your donutnuts that I would have been snuggling a bottle of nyquil. I do feel better today (though not 100 percent). Now I have a sore throat again from mouth breathing and I have enough sense to look around and feel a little squirrely at all the things I should be doing and that I have let slide in the last couple of days. But no. I will not. I shall not. Tonight, I am going to catch up on the internet. Make a post. Write an email. That reminds me I need to write a few real cards too…I wonder if I’ll get to that.

I even made myself a cup of chamoile tea with honey and splurged on some cinnamon toast. Ahh, I remember when I was little, I could eat that stuff nonstop. My younger brother James and I would have cinnamon toast eating contests…we also had the same contst for French Toast. I almost made that for my lunch today, instead I settled for a grilled cheese.

I love bread.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be writing really great prose here…but then I think back on to all my previous years of posts and it’s really just me rambling about crap that goes on my life. Is that interesting? I guess it is to me. Isn’t that what journals for anyway? Besides it’s an easy way for me to keep friends who are interested updated. The drawback to this, of course, is not all of those friends have journals themselves and no one ever feel the need to email because they already know what’s going on my life. Plus, sometimes I think about all the readers out there I don’t know. I wonder what you are like.

Tuesday night…oh wait that was last night. Anyway. Last night Tim had coupon’s for %40 off CD’s at Borders. We decided to take advantage of those and catch up on our Panera treat for Morella’s good appointment. The funny thing about that was I let her play with a butter packet at the end because she was getting fussy. I looked away for a second and when I looked back I she has broken through the package and was squishing butter around in her fingers. I quickly wiped them off the best I could. Then while Tim was using the bathroom I lifted her up to look out the window. She put her hands to the window and then to my horror I saw tiny little butter handprints on the Panera picture window. Whoops! We beat a hasty retreat after that.

At Border’s I got Morella three children’s music CD’s. The best of Seasame Street, and two other preschool favorite with all sorts of classic little kids songs. Later on when we played them for her, she went quiet and wide eyed. It was a hit! Since most of them are upbeat, I played one last night and the Seasame street one for her today. She has the attention span for half of the CD. When I try to trick her into sleeping or feeling tired I play a lullaby CD that her grandparents bought her. One of her favorite things to do right now is listen to the folk music that WORT plays in the late morning. She’ll go to the stereo and pull up on it like a little raver.

Today I cancelled my walking date with my neighbor friend because I’m sick. We rescheduled for Friday. My other new friend Angie called me to ask if I was going to go the Mom’s Night out dessert night this Friday. I am still undecided. I think it’s in Sun Prairie and I don’t know how to drive there. I know. It’s a lame excuse. Tim thinks I should go. He’s probably right. I should. But…but…I don’t have a GPS! I’ll get lost. I’ll end up on the side of the road in the middle of Iowa.

Okay okay. I should get over that. Conquer this. Be courageous. Fearless.

I watched this movie Doomsday last night and thought it was like watching a video game, ala mad max. It’d talk about it more but it wasn’t good enough to go through effort. I have Juno up next and breifly thought about watching that tonight but decided I wanted to be a Good Little Writer instead. I can’t spend the quality time on the internet while pumping anymore because Morella is so mobile and is obessed with pulling up on things she shouldn’t pull up on. I have seen her fall and whack her head more times than I would like to this past week. Consequently, pumping now feels like it takes twice as long. I fit in a 15 session when I can, then finish up with another 15 minutes an hour later, and there are countless times when I have to unhook to save her from herself. She is fearless I tell you.

She’s also a crabpot today.

Phil didn’t come back last night or today. I wonder if he is going to stay in Milwaukee for good now. It was nice having a helping hand with Morella around, and a sinkful of dishes being done now and then was a great bonus.

This weekend we are going to my Dad’s for a visit from Saturday to Sunday. I should probably stay more, but … sigh. Sometimes I want a day for ourselves after a big weekend.

Okay. I should go and wash pumping parts so I can pump. :(

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