It was a great weekend! So relaxing and just what we needed to start the fall season. I am holding onto that it is still summer, but that dream is fast fading, though the hot weather sure helps. Not that I would really notice it because the AC is on in the house, but I will notice it tonight when I walk. And it’s noticable in the kitchen.

So we decided to just stay and visit Dad at his house the entire time. Cousin Allen was in working on the house that my loser brother was given and then has neglected for several years. I didn’t get to talk to him much because I was taking care of Morella whenever he stopped by. I walked over later to see if he was around but he wasn’t, so I just visited my gaga grave instead. There isn’t a marker there and honestly, if a several more years go by then who is going to remember it? Hmm. Anyway.

We spent a lot of time outside on the grass or on a sheet, or just walking around and enjoying nature. Barb made the most awesome Indian tacos with fry bread and ground buffalo, as well as a … one of those cakes with cherries on top and is chocolate? Something forest. It was great! We bbq’d the next day (Sunday) and then Tim and I left with Morella at 8:00 (coincided with her bedtime). Though we felt like we could have stayed an extra day, we really appreciated having Monday to ourselves to catch up on sleep and just be home. Monday was also the 5th anniversary or Pluto’s Gotcha day — so we celebrated sans Pluto (dude he has a broken toe!) at Micheal’s getting some lame custard (the choice was almond candy bar and it wasn’t that good — I should have just gotten the chocolate). Then I had a massive headache last night that left me practically paralyzed. Tim was good enough to take care of Morella when she woke up for a third time screaming and hitting her face. We decided then to give her some tylenol and he danced with her (Summertime rolls, by Jane’s Addiction) and calmed her down while the medicine took effect.

Today I had lunch with Hilary, Leta and Cullen at Cool Beans to celebrate Hilary’s first kid going off to public school. Aww! Cullen and Morella played super well together in the play area and we saw Stephanie as a bonus (she was on her lunch break with a coworker).

Morella is taking an awesome nap, so I have had time to do lots of things like laundry, dishes, writing and some photo uploading and editing. When I was doing my last pump before leaving, I had packed up my reading materials. I looked around at Dad’s work station and saw a book that I have — it’s an old boyscout kid’s book about indians. Totally cheesy and from the 1950′s, it’s from a white person’s perspective … well teaching non-indian folks about indians. I started to browse through it and then noticed that my Dad had written captions to some of the illustrations. Oh my, was it funny. I quick took photos of the pictures before we left, so I apologize for the blurriness of some of them. We were rushing to leave because Morella was melting down.

The funniest one is without a doubt probably the most politically incorrect one of them all. That said, check the rest of them out here.

(click image to see larger picture)

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