I feel like there is a hole in me. I accidentally deleted this weekends pictures from camera before realizing that I did not, in fact transfer them to the computer yesterday. So stupid! Stupid stupid stupid. It’s because I deviated from my regular method when I hurriedly put up the caption pictures.

I did at least keep a few web pictures — but they aren’t good enough for print. :( And I feel worst about the photo of my dad and his friend who visited him as a surprise this past weekend — he hasn’t’ seen that dude in 40 years! I’m SUCH an idiot. I had also taken pictures of my Dad’s place, like his walls, a willow tree, my step mom’s garden — stuff I wanted to remember in the years to come. Gone.

I know I will get over it, but right now I still feel pretty darn disappointed and angry with myself.

I did have a good time with Hilary though. She brought over a deluxe McDonald’s breakfast and we had coffee. Cullen played by himself until Morella woke up from her morning nap and then they played together. It was so cute! Though I think Cullen taught Morella how to open the entertainment cupboard. I guess it’s time to devise a baby proofing thing for that.

Sigh. Okay. I gotta get to my walking date with Emily and her son Leo (neighbor I met at a garage sale). Morella is wearing a Give Peas a Chance outfit (Thanks Sarah!) she looks adorable! I should take a picture — if I don’t delete it again like a complete and utter loser.

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