Friday Photos: First full week of September 2008

Here my walking buddy, that I met at a garage sale – Emily and her son Leo stop for a moment with the Ham formerly known as Morella for a picture.
A close up of the babies…well Morella not so much. But wait, check out the next picture!

Can you get any more close than this? Here we showcase Morella’s “toofer’s” — I think you can see them. Or maybe it’s better looking at the original photo.

There, is that better? She was telling me something of the utmost importance.

Here she is just looking cute.

We gave her a bath in the kitchen sink at my Dad’s. The sucky thing about baths these days is that she keeps wanting to pull up and stand. Here she won out and decided to look like a little republican. Check out that belly!

Everyone’s Aunt Kay. Morella and I finally got meet Barb (Morella’s gaga and my step mother’s Aunt). She is a wonderful seamstress and in fact, made a snow suit for Morella! In this photo she is showing us one of her projects — a snowman Christmas panel she was working on. She lives in this HUGE rambling house by herself and a cat she didn’t particularly want to begin with, but is quite obvious she is very attached to know…if grudgingly.

Here I am with her. For real, why haven’t I thrown that shirt out yet? I think the thing is, it’s one of those shirts that look better in real life than in photographs. But isn’t Aunt Kay as sweet as can be? I wish she lived closer. I could see visiting her weekly.

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