Morella woke up crying inconsolable an hour ago. She cried off and on for half an hour, and part of it was just sitting out here with us looking a little shell shocked. I had tried just patting her back, making sure she was okay, then changing her diaper, then holding her some more, to closing her window that was accidentally left open, to …. eventually she came out watched a little bit of a movie (rare treat indeed), and then I danced to some enya and cirque with her before she was calm enough to go back to bed. I wonder what was wrong. Poor baby.

I am feeling really melancholy tonight. I don’t know why. I was in a great mood up until she went to bed and then it just tanked. I have a theory that the communists might be coming in for a visit. Pumping hurts (like very uncomfortable), my supply has dropped, off and on cramps, bloating, back ache yesterday, and now I guess I could officially call this a mood swing. I just really wanted to sit down and be by myself tonight but instead I had to help with Pluto’s wrap change, comfort a baby…I couldn’t even watch a stupid movie in it’s entirety! I guess when Morella goes to bed, I usually go around and do a whole bunch of things. Tonight I decided it could wait and I was going to just try and enjoy myself and do something I like. Right now that is cutting pictures out of catalogs for that whole decoupage idea. I have been rather intimated by doing my coffee/tea tray but today got the idea to decoupage an oatmeal container. You know, for practice. See if I like it. I have no idea where to begin. I thought about looking up how to do it, but I don’t feel like it. I feel like reinventing the wheel on this one. Stumbling through it and figuring it out myself.

Hey I felt like that all day! I did everything half assed and had to go back and redo things. I didn’t mind though. It felt like a slow ploddy sort of thing.

I have a new niece this morning! She is yet unnamed. How can you do that twice? I mean, you would think the first time when you picked a name because you were under the gun to get released from the hospital that you would have a name for the second one…right? Or maybe they are the sort of people that feel like they need to be with the baby for a couple days to get a feel for a name. I used to think I would do that…except you know I had my heart set on Morella for a girl for a very long time. Plus, babies are so sleepy! I don’t know how you can tell if they have any personality in the first 24 hours. Apparently, she was born with a head of black hair! Perhaps the zeland/morella template has been destroyed!

On other thing before I drink a large glass of water and put myself to bed. Today at a garage sale, I was …. oh crap. I don’t have the energy to say the entire story. Let’s just say that a woman stole? No that’s not the word. Scooped? Yeah, that’s better. This woman scooped two rugs from me! I was checking out as it were, and told the rummage folks that I also wanted two of the handmade, beautifully made rag rugs for on a dollar each!!!. Well this other woman must have heard me because she quickly ran back (after she had already checked out) and told me that she already picked out two rugs. I pointed out that I was there before her and I didn’t actually pick up the rug because I was carrying a baby. Whatever. The woman reached around me and shoved two bucks to the Rummage Folks, walked quickly to pick up her two rugs (one of which I had wanted) and then practically ran out of there!

Gah. The Rummage Folks apologized for her. I told her that was okay and that apparently that woman really needed rugs. I did manage to find on in good shape. They had gotten some water on them and were musty. I brought it home, doused it in vinegar and now it’s air drying. Vinegar fixes everything! It’ll be great for the kitchen.

Oh and I found an awesome Doug and Mellisa toy. Hilary was there was with me at the time and said if I didn’t want it she did. I realize it’s a little older for Morella…but maybe it can be a bribe for Leta or Mina if they ever come over here again. Rather, a toy for them to play with – even Tim wanted to play with it when we came home from having a drink the Come Back Inn. I got it for $2.20! What a find!

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