The time between 8-11 is precious to me. So prescious in fact, that often times I want to just sit down and hold it because I don’t know what to do first. Do I watch a movie? Do I catch up on the internet? Do write a post about my weekend? Do I work on my decoupage project (aka cutting out pictures WHILE watching a movie and surfing the internet?) Do I read? Gah, I havent’ read in ages. I do have a recommendation by two friends now to read Twilight by…uh I forget the authors name, but apparently there is a movie coming out this winter based on it. Do I clean? Reorganize? Work on my garage sale for this weekend? Chat? Finish the letter to my Mom? Call someone? Respond to emails?

Hey the neice has a name! It’s Mosely June. Yeah…Mosely. Uh. It’s unique, I’ll give it that.

So yeah I am kind of unsure what to do right now. I want to do it all. But I have to fit in pumping somewhere in there, so that’s a 1/2 an hour gone. Then there is the getting ready for bed, making bottles and getting to bed which is another 1/2 an hour so really I only have two hours. Tonight Morella got a late start to bed because we went over and visited Christian and Cecci to check out there apartment and visit. We got there after 7 — so it was a late start. Sigh. It was just a really busy day.

Tim did some volunteer work for Obama and I went along to inspire courage and even walked a bit around with him. I visited my friend Amy and her family. I went to Target to get supplies and totally splurged on a swiffer vac. It looks … so helpful. I mean, it’s light and it will get the dust and cat hair that using the normal vacuum … well it’s heavy and cumbersome and we have much more hardwood surfaces in ths house than carpeted and sometimes the broom only chases the cat hairs a way. I don’t know. I guess I’ll let you know what I think of it when I have had a good chance to use it.

We bought her two open footed jammies at Old Navy because they were having a 40% off sale. Tim also got a pair of swim trunks in clearance for his Shrimp swim class with Morella starting tomorrow. Hey does this mean one less bath? Ha ha.

I got some great advice to help with the pain during pumping — evening primrose and calcium. I took some yesterday and saw improvement today — as well as with my supply! But I also had made a batch of lactation cookies so maybe that contributed a bit to the supply increase.

So yeah. I have to get a garage sale ready. I have to cook extra this week so I can bring Sarah and Luke (parents of said Mosely) food when we visit this weekend. Gah. I said we would visit on Sunday but that is the neighbhorhood Packer Party…so I am thinking Saturday after the garage sale. I don’t know. I guess if I am prepared all week then it will be no big deal. Right? Right!

We watched Dr. Strange last night. It was okay. We also saw the Pick of Destiny and that was not okay.

We went to Fighting Bob festival yesterday in Baraboo. It was … well we were late and we didn’t have to pay, but spent most of our time eating and waiting for the band to start. It was a beautiful late summer day.

I have to reorder my netflix queue. I have Snakes on a Plane right now. Ugh! I need some quickie TV type shows to watch so that I can still fit in some TV time in the magic hours AND get other stuff done.

Speaking of which I have only a good hour left to do stuff. I should finish my Mom’s letter next. Though that probably won’t happen because I am kind of tired of writing right now.

I made a gourmet breakfast this morning. Smoked salmon, eggs with greens, green onions, yellow summer squash and grated romano cheese, with half a pumpernickel bagel and half-caf (the caf part being Highlander Grog), and fresh cantaloupe. It was really good! Yesterday I made french toast and that was pretty good too. I had some maple syrup that I got for a steal at a garage sale. Ahh garage sales. I did go to two this weekend but didn’t find anything worth getting.

Oh I got a new wallet too. I actually got another one at a garage sale on Friday but it’s one of those longer flat ones. After trying it out for two days I decided this old dog wants it’s old routine. So I bought a new replacement. I also decided to ditch the purse I tried out (another garage sale find for a dollar) and dug up the hand made leather purse that my Dad made me. It’s SOOOOoo much better. These two garage sales finds will be recycled into the sale this weekend.

Okay. Now I am for real going to do something else. Perhaps I will slip into something more comfortable. I think it’s jammie time!

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