Zoinks! What a hectic day! I am taking a half day today to go to a Cub’s game. Wahoo! Yip pid dee doo. So this morning absolutely FLEW by, so many loose ends: two meetings, open key hours, and following up on like 10 other things. Not enough Laura to go around.

Last night I played pool with Erika, Tim, Eric and Kate, and Todd (who just got a new job, congrats). It was nice and mellow. I took the bus home and read all the way. I decided to day to buy the third book of the series because I am almost done with the second… it kind of sucks because it’s in hardcover and I normally don’t do hardcover. But I don’t have anything else to read, and well….it is done, and out there. I kind of want to read it. I also finished my letter to Gale (penpal in Canada) and wrote a quick letter to my Dad. Sent out today. All this mail I send out seems to go just go in pits, because I never know if anyone receives it, and I never get mail back.

Okay. That’s not fair…Never …. Always. ;P

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