• Gave Tim a ride to work this morning. Got a bagel and coffee afterward at Gotham Bagel
  • Met Emily at the library for baby book time. Morella had a blast! As soon as she was there she headed out to explore. She went up to the leader of the story time and pulled up on her leg (she was sitting) to get a closer look at the book she was reading. SO CUTE! She met a few friends, borrowed some toys and I noticed that she has started to give things back. That’s interesting. I should work on that more. If she continues her trend of not taking a morning nap then we might go again next week. What a difference it was to take her this time compared to last time when she could only sit.
  • Morella also had baby swim class tonight for the first time. Tim took her and I watched from the sidelines. She looked shellshocked most of the time and did her little girl hand waving thing (think eww!) …eh I can’t explain it. Anyway. When she got out she was so cold! Tim said she shivered most of the time. Her feet were blue by the end!
  • We have to bring our own towels. So next week I am going to fill up a water bottle, wrap the towels around it so that when she gets out she will be toasty warm.
  • I cut up a fleece shirt today for more liners for diapers. Thank goodness for garage sale finds.
  • I cleaned out and organized two drawers in the kitchen and sorted through stuff looking for garage sale crap. I know have a large drawer I am wondering what I should fill it with. Tupper ware? Pans? Pots? Hm. Gotta think on this some more.
  • Worked on my letter to my mom but still haven’t finished it. I am up to page 20. Gah!
  • Morella got the cutest, hand made overalls in the mail today from her Gaga. I have to sew the buttons on for the straps so they fit her right.
  • We put her in her jammies and then a sleep sack over that (lighter weight) so that she’ll have an instant blanket since she kicks off her regular blanket right away. Will that be enough in the winter though? I just don’t believe that a pair of fleece jammies is enough to keep someone warm in this house. I would be freezing if I just slept in fleece jammies. I need like five blankets.
  • Pretty productive day. We were out and about a lot. Tomorrow, I think I will stay in the house more and focus on getting ready for this sale. I hope it doesn’t rain this weekend.
  • I think I’ll make chili tomorrow.
  • We have cornish hens that need to be used to. Maybe a crock pot idea for that? Hm..

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