I am thinking of postponing my garage sale. But then again, I don’t know when else I would do it. The problem is that it is supposed to rain on Saturday, but the weather people have been wrong so many times that banking on a weather prediction is as good as banking on russian roulette. I should just forge ahead. Besides we have a tent type thing and a garage so it should be okay. I was at a sale last week where one of women said that even though it rained all day on Thursday they had a lot of business. I guess people are looking to find a deal! Must be the tight economy.

I am baking a batch of cookies. Morella is sleeping peacefully in her room. She went down at 12:30, so I am hoping for another hour. It already feels like a million hours compared to the time I didn’t get yesterday. I think she might be going through a growth spurt.

The Swiffer Vacuum is great. The vacuum part really does pick up stuff off the floor and sucks up the cat and dog hair that accumulates in the corners. I am designating a special place for it in the office behind the door where it can recharge and hang in peace. It came charged btw, usually that never happens!

Last night it occurred to me that Morella hasn’t pushed away a bottle in a couple of days. I don’t know why it took so long for me to realize this, I guess maybe because I was so happy she was finishing bottles, but I think she needs more to eat. She isn’t rocking the solids department yet, and to keep growing she needs to get her calories from somewhere. Yes, I continue to offer her food up the ying yang, but she just doesn’t eat enough to call it a real meal. I got the brainchild of finally confronting my fears of buying a bigger bottle. My real fear of course being that the nipples we use wouldn’t fit the bottles at the store, which are all prepackaged so if I bought it, I am really buying it. You know what I mean? Anyway. I went to Walmart because it was closer and I haven’t been there to really look around in years.

I looked at all the clothes, and even tried on a few bras. I was dismayed to discover that the reason the bras were 7 bucks was because they were the crappiest things I have ever put on! It was then I realized that the close relationship that Walmart and I had many years ago really was over. When I was in early college I loved Walmart. I guess that was because it had first moved to Menomonie about then and I just marveled at the variety and great prices. All I had ever known before that was Kmart and Pamida, with the occasional trip to Fleet Farm to mix it up. I guess you could blame my infatuation with inexperience. In the decade since then, I have learned to appreciate quality over quantity/price. I went to the baby section and pondered over bottles for a good twenty minutes before asking an employee if she could help me. She was able to allay my concern about getting the right bottle and even showed me where the fleeced footed pajamas were. I didn’t like them though. They were gerber brand and two gaudy things stuffed into a package. I decided to wait on getting Morella fleece footed jammies until later. Who knows, she might get a pair for her birthday!

Which is the one thing that is helping me from buying her toys or much of anything. Well, you know she has plenty of clothes that I have accumulated from garage sales and plenty of toys that she doesn’t play with — and I am sure that she will get lots of toys at her 1st birthday party.

Where was I? *shakes head* Right. So I brought these bottles home and they fit the nipple AND the medela pumping horns! Gah! I wish I had known this MONTHS sooner. I can’t tell you how much milk I have spilled on myself switching between bottles when one would get too full. Here was the answer all along! I also got a new bottle brush that swivels…it’s so nice! I never thought there would be a day where I appreciated the innovations in bottle brush technology. Though it’s something I never expected, I love it. Have I mentioned how much I love being a Mom? Because to live up to the cliche Mommy Blogger that my husband believes I am — I do.

This morning I had a friend date with another woman who just moved here last month. She has a skinny 9 month old son who is so much like Morella it just warms my heart. We met at Escape and talked for about two hours. I still don’t know her age, her interests and hobbies and yet we managed to fill the two hours. It’s great because it was so easy to talk with her and there is plenty more to discover. I was delighted when she said we repeat it next week. :D Plus, I’ll see her on Monday for Baby book time at the library. Morella enjoys it so much that I will try to go more than once a season. ;)

I got home at the end of the rainfall, feeling alive and creative from the coffee jolt and almost started my novel. What novel? I don’t know. I just know that I have always wanted to write a novel. Just start writing one ala NoWriMo. That desire has since faded a bit since pumping, eating lunch, baking cookies, writing this and chatting with Hilary — but it’s still there. Should I type it? or hand write? I always debate myself into procrastination. Type it. I should type it. There I made an executive decision.

Alright I am going to sew some buttons on a cute jumper that Morella’s gaga sent her. I measured Morella for where to put them before laying her down. It’s good that she has these because she needs more roomy pants. The best pants are really those soft cotton jersey type ones that are stretchy. Jeans, and cargo pants, corduroy and other stiff materials don’t accommodate a cloth butt that well. Well overalls work great with cloth diapers…which is what we got. I should keep an eye out for another pair for her.

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