I am having one of those weeks where I can’t seem to get started talking because I have so much to say. Even my daily journal has been a little neglected and I just haven’t found a lot of time to write in it and catch up. I will try to do that after I post here, or while I am posting here. You know, do the numbered list and even if I don’t talk about something at least note it.

[20 minutes later -- I updated today and yesterday. Gotta strike while the fire is hot!]

I am drinking a sleepy time and chamomile mix of tea while thinking of what I want to write.

I am working on rearranging the pictures/decor in our living room. One of the things I did was move a big mirror to the opposite wall of the entrance. I heard that mirrors should be placed here in feng shui to ward off bad luck and blah blah blah, it opens the place up, etc etc etc…. At first I didn’t know what to think of it. I wasn’t quite sure I liked it, but then I took Morella for a walk, went about my day and by evening time I realized I quite liked the new placement. If I were to believe in any magic hoodoo I would say that since this placement of the mirror we have had a LOT of visitors to our house. In the past week we have had: Cecci, Hilary, Emily and Leo, Kandance, Colleen and her dog Shelby (a neighbor I met at my garage sale), and Tim’s parents.

Of course it could all be coincidence. I am going through one of those times where I am meeting a lot of people and making new friends. I don’t recall the last time I went through a social surge like this. I think it was two years ago. Last year while I was expecting, I think I kept to myself more. There is something about being a Mom that has just opened up a whole new social realm. I love it. It’s interesting, exciting, and … well different.

So yeah, Kandace came to pick up the rat we had living in our basement for two months. He is off to live in a children’s 5th grade classroom. He was a good rat, I think it’s good ending for him after living in our basement, friendless for two months. Maybe we should have named Ben. ;)

I have been still tossing around the idea of writing again in my head. I can’t figure out if it’s the idea of writing that I like and the lifestlye that I imagine that goes with it that I like or if I really do have something to say. Or is it, that it’s something I have always wanted to do. Like some people really want dogs, to go sky diving or own a boat, live in a island or retire in Florda. For some of those things, it’s once they do it — live the dream that they realize it was the goal that they really wanted and not the end result. So. Do I really want to write? I think right now the answer is yes.

I even bought myself some new coffee to help me out on this goal. I should have had some this morning but instead I put a fussy Morella down for a nap — and then fell asleep for an hour and half. I woke up here and there and sometimes she was awake and sometimes she was quiet. In either case she wasn’t screaming or wanted to be out. She seemed to be enjoying her time in the crib.

Oh I think she has a new favorite toy – or her favorite toy of the week. It’s this little baby doll that she got as a gift when she was first born from her grandma. It’s small, like a large softball and it’s holding a puppy dog. I have seen her often stop what she is doing when she sees it to pick it up and study it.

Have I mentioned how much I love it when she follows me? Or when she gives attacks my face with her mouth and gives me wet kisses? Or when she offers me something to eat, to play with or whatever. Or when she ges quiet and sits cuddled next to me to listen to me read her a book (current faves are: baby animals, who says quack, and guess the animal). Or when she she makes eye contact with me and smiles.

I can’t believe how fast she can crawl now too! I went to Borders today to get that Twilight book that everyone is yapping about, and to let her sort of crawl and roam about the store, you know like an open playing field except with carpet. She was going so fast it was like she was gliding!

Okay this has devolved into a mommy blogger post. I guess it’s bound to happen. I have just been overwhelmed with how great she is this week — maybe because she is also super super fussy and I have been studying her closer. I have no idea what’s going on with her. Teeth? Growing? Mental development? *shrug* Whatever it is, she is a lot more engrossing and it’s taken up quite a bit of my time keeping up with her. Plus, Tim has had to work late and so tomorrow will be three days in a row of single parenting.

Other tidbits:

– my stepdad had part of his middle toe amputated because he got a skin/bone eating bacteria infection after slicing the end off from a nail trim. He is currently doing okay.

–The communists have finally returned this past weekend, and I am glad to say that the battle wasn’t that bad for the first time in 18 months. I hope that trend continues, but there are always bound to be doubled over in pain episodes. I just hope that they hold off until I can indulge in Midol. Maybe that is also why I have been MIA — a hormonal shift has definitely occurred and I find that’s it’s harder to adjust to old me then I thought it would. Old me. I don’t know if that is accurate. It almost feels like a foggy drug was taken away and a new layer is revealed that has been covered up for a long time.

– Is this crazy talk wacky enough for you yet? Can you tell I am super tired and should go to bed? I should. I am tired. Besides, I accomplished my goal. The ice has been broken. I can get back to my regularly scheduled blogging now guilt free.

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