Post #1,244

–talked to pharmacist about Morella’s prescriptions. I guess we decided they could stay where they are but if were going to eliminate one, it should be the randitine. I am almost tempted to do a trial run to see if she would miss it. She definitely would miss the prevacid. She said Morella could take a whole tablet of prevacid when she was 22 pounds. Uh…at that rate it will be years into the future. Hopefully she won’t need it then.

–Morella ate some pizza tonight. Awesome.

–Power went out today for 4 seconds. I still have some clocks to reset.

–Walked to Olbrich to meet with Ann and her son Noah. We walked around a little and then spent most of the time in the round about section letting the kids crawl to their hearts content. It was a beautiful day to lounge.

–Third day in a row of almost exclusive single parenting. It’s hard work.

–I got to take another shower this morning and have time to get dressed and do stuff around the house. It was nice.

–Watched the Bucket List. It was meh.

–I wore make up today. First time this month, quite possibly the first time in two months.

–Making my hair curly in any way makes me look like and old lady.

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