I got a cup of real coffee, a bowl of hot oatmeal on my lap and a baby who is sweetly napping. I already started a load of laundry — diapers. She went through all her covers before the inserts. Tim thinks she might need new diapers soon, I am not so convinced however it does bring up the point of how the heck do I get more diapers? Do I branch out from prefolds? Try something more all in one? Is that harder? More expensive? Sigh.

My other burning question is when do I make her barium swallow appointment. I am running out of Simply Thick. Do I buy another case and have it last for two months and be stuck with it when she passes? (please let her pass!) or … go ahead with the appointment and have her fail and blah blah blah. At this point in time we are clearly procrastinating her test because neither of us want her to fail. I wonder if I could sell the unused jugs of Simply Thick afterward. Maybe I should make my own again…it’s not that hard. It’s just xantham gum…

We gave Tim a ride to work this morning because it was raining. I offered the car to him but said that we had planned on the grocery store and I guess he thought it was important to have stuff like milk and eggs in the house again. I *almost* stopped at McDonald’s on the way home but Morella was fading fast and i wanted to make sure she was in her crib before conking out. It’s better this way anyway. I save money. Eat better, and have more coffee. I wonder if I lived out in the middle of no where if I would be skinny because of no temptations. Or would I bake and eat entire batches of cookies, pies and cakes without spreading them out amongst my friends?

It’s kind of nice to have some time to eat breakfast, drink some coffee and get stuff done before she gets up. I could have actually done it on Monday and Tuesday but I needed to catch up on sleep. I wonder if I am taking advantage of the whole “Sleep when the baby sleeps” thing too much. I sometimes think I actually got less sleep before she came along…on the other hand I didn’t use as much of my brain and endurance before that either. Oh I need to pay the mortgage and internet today.

The other day it occurred to me that I missed the season opening of Heroes. I was kind of bummed about it because I enjoy watching TV and I liked that series. However, having a baby around that goes to bed at 8 makes those shows kind of hard to see. I really wish I had a dvr or something so I could record the tv shows I want to see and watch them after she goes to bed. Then again, we barely watch TV — I have half a mind to cancel our cable. But then what about the few times we DO watch it? The times we need to see the local news? Then it would cost a bundle to have it hooked up again with their fees and what not.

I really like the Parent’s magazine. It’s full of such good ideas. It’s my favorite magazine right now. My other subscriptions are Good Housekeeping and Redbook. There, was does that say about me? I bet it says a lot. I would be interested to hear other peoples magazine subscriptions. Tim’s is PCWorld and SQL Server…and that’s it. We tried ReadyMade but I got sick of all the emo’s culture it perpetuated. We did Time forever, but it got expensive and repetitive. I liked Quick Cooking for two years but then it got repetitive too. Back in the day I used to read Reader’s Digest like it was going out of fashion until one day I realized it WAS full of scare tactics, elementary reading and was super conservative. I think I was just mostly addicted to the funny quips and stories though. That is STILL my favorite part of any magazine.

I turned down the water heater heat level because Morella is so mobile and grabby. I am sure the previous water heat level would have scalded her because it was almost too hot for me! But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the instant heat for dishes and diaper washing. I think I am going to have to start soaking the diapers for 15 minutes before washing them to make up for it. I am trying to take comfort in the fact that lowering your water heater level saves the environment and you money.

See? I should stay up every morning, you would get so much more out of me. :D

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