I made weak coffee this morning. See, I left the rest of Tim’s decaf in the decanter and then replaced the filter with full caf and then added water. My problem is that I am not sure how much coffee to add. I guess I am being a little stingy because I don’t want to blow through my little stash too fast. If I was just honest with myself and said “Hadjare — you NEED coffee! If you don’t drink it you won’t be able to stay awake in the morning, and honey, you really need a shower.”

So yeah. Oh well, it’s still working.

Last night we were up late talking about the possible collapse of the economy. Tim came in and asked me where I would go if we were separated and something terrible had happened. I prodded to get him to try and tell what terrible things might happen…like are we talking zombies? Plague? War? Invasion? But had to eventually settle for a mundane reason like riots. In any case, with the exception of a total climate disaster via The Day after the Tomorrow (in which hyper sub temperatures freeze the city of New York and a good portion of the Eastern coast) in which case I would stay put and huddle in the basement with a homemade chimney jutting out of the side of the house made from hvac pipes. But we are being realistic. Social unrest, anarchy that sort of thing. I would have to say I would make my way to my Dad’s. He lives out in the woods on 40 acres and have some ties with the native community, has some guns, a couple dogs and a pretty good store of food. Tim said he just wanted to know so that he could find me. Whew, glad we can scratch that off our to-do list. Next up, wills and that sort of thing. Ha ha. No really…we should but…uh…tooo haarrrrddddd!

After that we talked about readiness. How ready are we to hunker down and be frugal like the old depression days? He asked me if we have a good store of food and I kind of chuckled. Our pantry is full. We have more food that most of my friends combined in our house, and quite honestly I could do more food hoarding. In this regard, those Mormon’s are onto something by being ready in the event of a disaster. Hm. You know, I wonder if they are worried about the economy at all…in fact I also wonder how many Mormons really do have a stash of food saved up.

It’s kind of coincidental that he brought this up (well maybe not so coincidental considering the government panic going on in the news right now) – but I had told him yesterday that we needed to do better on our budget. As in stay within it and track our spending more. Okay, I need to do that. I am the family accountant after all. We had to borrow from savings three months in a row to pay bills. Admittedly the summer is always expensive, and a lot of that is vacation, but it’s time to save. After all Christmas will be here before you know it, as well as a first birthday party, a fall party, and the traveling that ensues.

Just for the record, I read frugal living tips like a junkie, and it’s especially easy to find them when almost media has tips on how to stretch a budget, or find bargains, or whatever.

Okay, time to buckle down and work on my list for the day.

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