Friday Photos: 4th Week of September

Denim Moccasin Mockup. Experiment a FAILURE. The opening isn’t wide enough and it just doesn’t fit right. I looked at what I did wrong and I had forgotten to take into consideration the circumference of the food. A problem I will correct next time. However, these one piece moccasins look a bit weird until they are worn for awhile and the leather eventually lies flat. Plus, I am not sure they fit the same for a babies foot as they do for an adults foot. I also need to find a way to exchange the leather strings for elastic so that they stay on without having me tie them, or having her untie them all the time. A part of me just wants to toss in the towel on traditional (no matter HOW cute) and go for the plain soft food wear pattern (aka ro.beez). But that would be lame. These are her first pair of shoes! They should be special, right? Complete with beadwork and the such. I could also make her another pair…for the house. Those can be plainer.

The pattern. I’ll update you on further progress.

Willie Street Festival. They have a parade on Sunday, in which pretty much anyone can go and join in. I saw lots of families just dress up and parade around. It was a really cute idea and I would LOVE for Morella to do that when she is older. That would be so cool. The stilt walkers though, she was afraid of. She took one look at them, started crying and turned her head. I had to walk away from the parade onto the sidewalk until she calmed down. She liked the drummers that came up next though.

Monroe Cheese Days! We went down on Sunday afternoon with Sigrid, Matt, Christian and Cecci. We waited in a line a LONG time for these golden nuggets of cheese. They were good, and though at the time I swore I was done with cheese after eating them, I would very much like one more to remind me of why I swore them off. No, make that two…
Morella playing with Matt’s beard. She’s really into investigating other people’s facial hair since she doesn’t have any of her own….and uh…neither does her Daddy. *oh snap!*

More photos of the past week can be found here in September 2008 Gallery


In other news. I thought I might have sinus issues which would explain why I have a low grade headache for the last week, and why I get dizzy when I shake my head. So I busted out the old Netti Pot and did a sinus drain this morning. Ugh….gotta recover from that now! I hope when I do I’ll feel a ton better.

I am field testing my own simply thick concoction….I guess we are in it for the weekend because I only have a four day supply of real stuff left. So far she has had two bottles with no ill effects. I hope it keeps up. She has however been pooping ALOT the last couple of days. Like 5-6 times a day, and a lot of the time it’s really runny. I almost suspected the probiotics I started giving her in noon bottle, but this was happening before that. But then again it could also be the food that she does actually get down into her gullet. Tim pointed out that her diet consists mostly of liquid, and since she is bigger now and gets more liquid that is reflected in her poop.

[Eww! I just bent down to pick up Morella and water started running out of my wonder I still don't feel right. How much of that netti pot water is still left in there?!! How big are my sinuses anyway?]

Anyway, so I have had to hand wash her covers daily now because she is going through one of them every time she poops. Speaking of my darling girl, I gotta go. She’s wreaking havoc in her room….

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