Guess who has a new tooth! Morella does, it’s the … well it’s not the top two teeth, it looks *like its the third one down. Like one of the sharp teeth…a canine? So it could be that or the one next to it … but it’s not either of the two typical front teeth. Hurray! Maybe that would explain why we were going through 5 or 6 poopy diapers a day last week. It’s looks like it really broke through too. [Edit, Hilary said it's a cuspid].

This morning we went to baby book and Morella had fun. I learned that at the end of October, baby book is done until February because the lady running it is having a baby herself! Great for her..but nutz. I met one other woman there (can’t remember her name) but she lives near the library, then Ann and of course Emily — I’m think that we should do a play group meeting on Monday’s when baby book is done. Yeah!

Weekend was pretty low key. Tim got sick and so we didn’t do much. We went to the Goodman Community center grand opening too late and there were no refreshments left. Morella was crabby and Tim was snot explody so we left. Then we went to Netherworlds, a gaming store downtown and saw lots of nerds sitting there playing card. Tim didn’t find the book he was looking for and we left. Next up was Sentry to get some cake, trip to walgreens for bandages, kleenex and bandage scissors, followed by Farm and Fleet for vet wrapping (where Morella was called a hillbilly because she wasn’t wearing shoes or socks!), and a quick visit to Misty Mountain where I caught up a little bit with Steve (owner and former sparring buddy).

Sunday, I walked with Morella to Woodman’s to get a pot roast (great way to use up a bunch of weird CSA vegetables), more medicine for Tim and some cough drops, and potatoes. I popped over to see if my neighbor Colleen was home (she wasn’t) and dropped of some pear bread. Then Tim’s parents dropped in for a visit because they were in town and stayed for dinner. While they were here we made some apple crisp with apples I got from a neighbor’s tree. Oh that reminds me to bring some over to him later today. I’ll use a dairy container. Yeah….anyway. It was pretty great crisp I think that recipe is a keeper! Morella’s Grandmother did the bedtime ritual of bath, book, bottle, song, prayers and bed and Morella did really well! Though of course I was a teeny sad later because I could have used one more Morella cuddle. Not that I would have gotten it considering how sassy she was all day. Good thing I have her all week! :D

Tim is home sick today. Wait I said that. It’s a big deal folks.

I need to take a shower, go wash dishes, make some more xanthan gum thickener….and then write my to do list before we meet up with Sigrid this afternoon to window shop. I should really work on shoes for Morella too. We have some hand me downs that she can wear until I am done with her real ones… but sigh. I spent the last two nights working on cross stitch instead of moccasins because…well I wanted too. Sometimes you gotta take a break from what you should do with what you want to do.

Can you believe this is the end of September? Wow.

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