Moment of Peace

Both babies are taking naps. Tim came down a ferocious cold this past Saturday and has had to stay home the past two days to recover. He’s getting much better and has been working on sleeping as much as he can. I really do think that sleep is the best prevention and medicine for being sick. I fight for my own sleep that of Morella’s as much as I can. I think that is one of the reasons why I am not ill as much. BUT…then again maybe it’s because I was sick almost non-stop as a kid. Can you believe there was a time I thought it was normal for everyone to have stayed in the hospital a few times?

I had pretty severe asthma which landed me in the hospital for a few times, and a couple bouts of the flu that won me at least three more stays. Of course the other times were for a hernia operation, a broken back surgery and last of all for a baby. :)

A baby that I love to pieces, even when she screams bloody murder at my for trying to get her to eat more of her midday bottle. I mean really, she melted down and Tim had to come to her rescue. We decided on giving her some tylenol because it seemed like her mouth was in pain. I don’t understand why she always seems to be in more pain after the teeth break through then before. I always read about everyone saying ‘Finally a tooth popped through…now we can get back to normal.” That never seems like that for Morella. Or maybe there are more teeth working their way in? I don’t know. Babies are such mysteries sometimes.

I am making a crock pot dinner – chicken and dumplings. I think I have made this recipe before — the dumplings are from a can of biscuits. It will be nice to have some leftovers for the next few days, though I do know what I am making next: home made pizza with veggies, basil, feta and leftover over pepperoni and then a tatertott casserole. I could also make texas hash…hm. It’s Tuesday though and we don’t need that much leftovery stuff….or do we? If I get sick then I am going to need easy food already there.

I hope I don’t get sick.

I am doing some laundry right now. I wrote in my todo list. I already swept the kitchen floor and have only the living room left. It’s weird that my floors are so clean now. Morella is such a good motivator for that.

I was thinking the other day of squalor. I think it kind of shocked me when I realized that is what I had grown up in. That is the state of some of the houses I visited of family or friends. I guess I always thought it was just really, really messy — which in the case of my Mom is kind of true. It was never a really really bad squalor case. But I do know of some houses where the appliances don’t work, there are narrow paths in and out, and just garbage litters everywhere. When I was young…eh. That is just how it is. Now that I am older … well it can happen to anyone. It builds. What a disjointed paragraph. Sorry folks. I guess I am still processing it. Even the word squalor is one that no one wants to associate themselves with. It’s disgusting. It’s poor. But see, that is one question — why does squalor often go hand in hand with being poor?

Oh I think my earl grey tea is finished brewing. I need to put the cozy on it and take out the bags so it doesn’t get overly strong. This is my second…no fourth pot this week. I think with the turn of fall that we are back into tea season. I need to get myself a few more black tea options. Most of our stuff is decaf or herbal…which is fine but sometimes I would like a cup of regular straight up tea. But first, must use what we have before buying more! It’s a mantra these days.

I also need to update our monthly budget report. Yeah I should do that now before I log off the computer and find something else to get distracted. Yesterday I bought two bras — at Lane Bryant. They were nice enough to size me and help me pick some out. I ended up getting two because the woman was also awesome enough to use coupons so it ended up being buy one get one free. :D They have no underwire but they also look super heavy duty … uh Mom bras. I don’t care. It’s not like I walk around wearing just a bra anyway. I have never cared about pretty underwear, I prefer functionality.

I went to JoAnn’s to see if they had any micro fiber or micro terry to make Morella doubler or two for her diapers instead of spending $15 per doubler/insert at the local Hippy Momma store. The closest thing they had was terry cloth. I bought a yard of that and figured I would try to make a doubler or two out of it and see what happens. My splurge purchase was a stuffed halloween type bat for Morella. The material of the bat is very similar to her crib blanket that we think she is forming an attachment too. Instead of having her carrying a blanket around later on, a cute bat might be easier. Or maybe we should have just sucked it up and gotten one of those little blanket/stuffed combo things that seems to be all the rage. Like this:

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