Today was much better. Morella totally caught up on her sleep and I caught up on my energy reserves.

Her morning nap last three hours, so by the time she got it and was ready to eat her 2nd bottle it was 12:30. I brought the bottle into the living room and showed it to her along with a pink kitty she had been playing with a little earlier. I sat down and proceeded to ask the kitty if she was hungry and wanted to eat. As soon as I started to feed the kitty, Morella grew very angry. Immediately, after her look of shock and comprehension wore off that the kitty was eating her lunch, she threw a fit and screamed, turned red in the face and waved her arms up and down furiously. I was amazed that she didn’t fall back because she was standing at the Music Stand of Doom. I held back my laughter, set the kitty aside and went to pick her up. She was much happier after eating and then was okay about offering the bottle to the kitty and me.


Tim tried it later when he got home and while he did get a reaction it wasn’t as violent as the I had earlier. She crawled up to him to investigate and then when she was close enough she started to whine. Oh babies.

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