I am having a heck of day. Gah it seems like this whole week has been like this. This morning started off well. Morella took a morning nap and I was able to start dinner — a crock pot recipe of carrot/lentil and coconut soup. The one thing I didn’t like about it was that it wanted me to precook the onions and carrots…uh that is work! The point of a crock pot is to throw it in there and call it a day! Which is what I ended up doing. I am sure it will turn out fine.

After dinner was made, but everything still a mess — seriously my kitchen needs help…uh along with the rest of the house (beside the point), I was able to take a shower. I even went as far as to use the uber fancy oatmeal scrub I got from Sigrid (smells SOOO good, like a oatmeal cookie), and high gloss rinse in my hair, I got dressed and everything seemed to be going good. I went to my tds mail to find an address and found a message that my dick quota [Edited to add: dick? HA HA HA HAH A... no I mean DISC] was almost up on my domain. What?! How could that be? It was less than half the last time I checked.

Now this is where it got stupid. I went and looked and since I don’t have a certain application on my computer anymore, I had to use their file manager program to sleuth around. To make it short, I accidentally moved my public.html file to a different file and thereby screwed up my whole website for a few hours there. I could have saved myself that time by just looking at the disk quota viewer, which I discovered after that. Well, that shows that my quota is exactly what I thought it was…half of what is was showing. It was at that point that I realized I deleted my website … temperarily. Then Morella woke up and was totally clingy, and wouldn’t let me put her down.

I sent panicked emails to my domain person (Dude he is the BEST! If you ever need a great domain hoster – go to www.interxstream.com – you won’t regret it.)

As you can see he fixed the file problem and is currently working on the other problem. I’ll keep you updated.

Oh I just put Morella down for a nap! (so soon?) and am going to pump and write a little. This day just feels like it’s getting a little out of control. Deep breath!


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