I wish I could absorb every single moment with her and remember it for an eternity (yes, even the rough ones.) Tonight we went over to visit a neighbor and the squeals of glee that erupted from her when the dog greeted her at the door, followed by the wide smile and sheer joy at crawling around in a new place is almost too much for me. She flew across the room throwing her arms out one at a time like she was marching, her little hands open to slap on the wooden floor with the softest little baby smack.

She is going to be crawling for such a short time in her life. A blink. Often times I am a little sad when she goes to bed because another day is done. Another day that I cannot get back. Did I enjoy it enough? Did I love her enough? Did I appreciate every single moment I had with this little wonder? Most of the time, I don’t feel like I did. It’s knowing that I get to see her tomorrow that makes going to bed and saying good night to this day bearable.

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