I want to see Michael Moore do a documentary on why America is awesome. Sicko is very, very depressing — as is most of the other stuff. Sigh. Just gotta remember there are countries out there that are way worse off than we are. Right? Right.

Weekend was good. I did home improvement by doing some painting, I worked on putting clothes away from the garage sale to donate, we took long walks, we went to the Greyhound gala and got a new t-shirt, thumb drive and reusuble bags. We didn’t win anything but it was okay because the money we used for this was from the Pennies on the Dresser fund. It was heavy hauling all that change downtown! We also switched our savings account to a money market savings account. Now instead of having a .5% interest, we have 2.65%. Cool! Soon I will be rolling in the dough.

I made TWO pies tonight. A deep dish apple pie, and a dutch pie. Both are done and I am hungry and tired and should really go to bed.

Yeah no, I am going to do that. I can’t concentrate on this post. I am too depressed now. :(

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